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Fantastic Four cast (Image via Deviantart)

Fantastic Four cast rumor: All four members finalized

With the MCU developing the long-awaited Fantastic Four reboot, all eyes have been set on the actors who are supposed to join Marvel’s first family. After past failures, the casting of these characters became crucial for Marvel, as the future of the franchise depends upon it.

Recently, there have been several rumors regarding the main cast members. In fact, there were many involving Reed Richards alone. Sue Storm also had plenty of actors in contention, while The Thing only had two and Johnny Storm had one. However, all those rumors have seemingly been confirmed, as the final Fantastic Four cast is locked, according to the latest scoop!


Adam Driver confirmed to lead the Fantastic Four cast


As per renowned Twitter scooper and industry insider MyTimetoShineHello, the Fantastic Four cast is final, with Adam Driver playing Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic; Margot Robbie playing Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman; Paul Mescal as Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch; and Daveed Diggs as Ben Grimm, aka The Thing.

These roles have reportedly recently been offered to all four of these actors. For Reed Richards, there were several contenders before Driver. There was a discussion of John Krasinski, Dave Patel, Pen Badgley, Diego Luna, and numerous other actors. But since the news broke that the actor who played Kylo Ren in Star Wars had been offered the part, we haven't looked back and considered the alternatives.


Now, Adam Driver has accepted to join the MCU as Earth-616/199999’s Reed Richards and will appear in multiple future projects.

Harley Quinn actor Margot Robbie seemingly joins the MCU as Sue Storm (Image via Marvel)

The likes of Vanessa Kirby, Jodie Comer, Mila Kunis, and Allison Williams were the first ones to be named for Sue Storm. Following this list, it was reported that Margot Robbie and The Amazing Spider-Man star Emma Stone were offered the gig. Emma Stone declined the offer, but talks with Robbie continued. Now, she may have accepted the part as well.

While Mila Kunis got out of Sue Storm’s race, she was rumored to be in contention for The Thing. However, talks for that fell apart, and Daveed Diggs became the Jewish actor that Marvel was always looking for Ben Grimm. Coming to Johnny Storm, Paul Mescal was the only one rumored for the part, and he seems to have gotten it as well.


Is Galactus to appear in Fantastic Four?

Will Antonio Banderas agree to play Galactus in the MCU? (Image via Marvel)

Another interesting casting rumor for Fantastic Four from MyTimetoShineHello stated that The Mask of Zorro star Antonio Banderas was in talks to voice the ultimate Marvel big bad, Galactus. There hasn’t been any further revelation regarding his acceptance, but it is possible that he may have joined the MCU already.

However, we don’t expect Galactus to be the main villain of the film. He is a Thanos-level big bad who might only be introduced in the first Fantastic Four movie. His era would probably arrive after we’re done with Kang the Conqueror.

Matt Shakman’s Fantastic Four is currently slated to arrive on February 14, 2025.

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