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Batman Rebirth: Deluxe Edition TBP 4 (Image via DC Comics)

From 'Batman Who Laughs' to 'Bat Baby': 5 strangest versions of the Caped Crusader in DC

All DC fans love Batman. He's the protector of Gotham, the world's best detective, and the greatest superhero. The hero has the most films in history and more comics than we can count. But that's not all.

There are also a lot of different versions of the Dark Knight which deserve our adoration. There's the classic Earth-1 version and the version that caught Jack the Ripper in Earth-19.

Batman who laughs gotta be one of the most odd characters to ever exist

But today, we're not going to talk about the best, but rather the most bizarre versions of the Caped Crusader. So, buckle up and get ready for an incredible journey.


Top five bizarre versions of Batman

5) Batman Who Laughs

Dark Knights: Batman Who Laughs #1 (Image via DC Comics)

This version of the Dark Knight comes from Earth -22. It was built in a universe where the Joker's master plan came to fruition. He made the Caped Crusader as mad as him, if not more.

The Joker was dying because of his Joker gas, which became deadly after being exposed to his body for a lengthy period, and creating the Batman Who Laughs was his last wish.

Combining the madness and unpredictability of the Joker and the wit and skill of the Dark Knight, this character is the most deadly creature in the entire DC universe.


4) Batmouse

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #14 (Image via DC Comics)

One would think that if our hero was an animal, he would be a bat, but he is a mouse in Earth C-. However, the writers may have gone in the right direction because Batbat would only sound preposterous.


Earth C- is a continuity where every superhero is an animal, and Justice League is called Just'a Lotta Animals. The Dark Knight is Batmouse, Wonder Woman is Wonder Wabbit, and Superman is Super-Squirell.

Batmouse first appeared in Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #14 in 1983. While adults may have found it weird, children had a ton of fun with the issue.

3) Vampire Batman

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (Image via DC Comics)

This version of the Dark Knight comes from the Batman & Dracula trilogy. The Dark Knight has been an unbeatable foe for almost everyone in DC, but he found his match when he met Dracula.

He was able to achieve victory, but in the end, Dracula was successful in making him a vampire. Although he has traveled the world and learned the art of repressing, when Catwoman dies, hell freezes over.

The Dark Knight kills and stakes the Joker, who was responsible for her murder and loses absolute control. He goes on a killing spree and drinks a lot more blood than you'd imagine.

2) Bat Baby

Batman (1940) #147 (Image via DC Comics)

This version of the Dark Knight is cute, hilarious, and bizarre at the same time. The Dark Knight resembles a four-year-old after being hit by a shrinking ray.

While most crime-fighters may have given up due to this weird incident, the Dark Knight has a reputation for being the exact opposite.

He creates a well-equipped suit to cover the cons of his new body and keeps fighting anyway. You know what they say: there's no stopping the Bat Baby!

1) Nazi Batman

The Multiversity: Mastermen (Image via DC Comics)

This version comes from Earth -10. On this Earth, where Germany won World War II, the Dark Knight is called Leatherwing (for some reason), and Justice League is called JLAxis.

He is a member of a group of heroes assembled by Adolf Hitler to implement Nazi rule across the planet. Leatherwing is a terrible person, and it is rather weird to watch him after watching the real version.

He is not at all like the Dark Knight, the savior of Gotham City. He doesn't believe in rescue. He instead feels the weak and inferior should be trimmed from humanity.

These are some of the most bizarre versions of the Dark Knight. While some are fun to experience, others are rather offensive and unbelievable. Which version do you think is the weirdest? Tell us in the comments.


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