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Hal Jordan along with other lanterns (Image via DC Comics)

From Hal Jordan to John Stewart: Exploring 10 best Lanterns from Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps is a police force that patrols the entire galaxy within the DC Universe. Their primary weapon is a power ring that grants them the ability to manifest anything they can think of. Their imagination, willpower, and fearlessness; even the sky is not the limit. The objects they display are often a reflection of their background.

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An artistic person might be more creative with the objects they summon, while somebody with an engineering background will conjure much more intricate designs. We'll explore the ten best Green Lanterns from DCU.

10 best Green Lanterns


John Stewart

John Stewart (Image via DC Comics)

This John Stewart is a serious member of the Lantern Corps, not confused with the late-night host. He is a former soldier with an architectural background, so his constructs often reflect that. He'll conjure highly detailed weapons one could only imagine or an army of soldiers to help him in his battles against extraterrestrial criminals.

John was a backup Lantern for Hal Jordan for some time until Hal was no longer in the land of the living. Then, the Green Lantern Corps Guardians promoted Stewart to full-time Lantern status, which he proudly took up.


Kilowog (Image via DC Comics)

Highly renowned as the drill sergeant to all new Lantern recruits, Kilowog is not a force to be reckoned with. He once saved the people of his home planet from certain death by capturing their life essence within his power ring. The stability of his will kept them safe within his ring until he could find a suitable home for him.


Unfortunately, their new home would be destroyed by Sinestro, leaving Kilowog the last of his kind and alone for the rest of his days. Kilowog has a great mind as a tech-savvy genius. His constructs are intricate and imaginative, whether created from his ring.

Soranik Natu

Soranik Natu (Image via DC Comics)

Before Soranik Natu was a Lantern, she was a combat medic on her homeworld of Korugar. Yes, the same Korugar that Sinestro hails from. Soranik was a capable fighter before joining the Corps. With a power ring, she's an even more formidable fighter. Because of her background, she can treat injuries on the field amid battle.

Unfortunately, despite her capabilities, many people around the galaxy only see her as Sinestro's daughter. That's right, Sinestro had a daughter, and she also became a Lantern. She followed in his footsteps more than most might be comfortable with. She eventually joined the Sinestro Corps.


Salaak (Image via DC Comics)

Salaak is a seasoned Green Lantern from the planet Slyggia. He is known for being pragmatic and a strict follower of the protocol. Many Lanterns look up to Salaak as he has gotten them out of some hairy situations. In a way, Salaak is a kind of second-in-command, liaisoning between the Lanterns and the emotionless Guardians.

During the Blackest Night event, it was because of Salaak's initiative, skill, and quick thinking that saved the Corps. He even ran the Corps for a time before the Guardians decided to cut him out of certain decisions.

Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner (Image via DC Comics)

If ego were a planet, Guy Gardner would be that planet. He is abrasive and arrogant to boot. He's one of the biggest jerks to grace a comic book panel. He is also competent as a Green Lantern.

Guy Gardner was the first human to follow Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. He was in the running to get Abin Sur's ring, except Hal Jordan was closer. Guy is one Lantern that has served in multiple Lantern Corps, including the Red Lanterns, after Atrocitus went missing.

Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner (Image via DC Comics)

As a galactic police force, Green Lanterns usually have a military or police background. Something that would prepare a person to fight interstellar wars. Kyle Rayner is different because he was an artist. This makes his constructs much different than other Lanterns. They're more creative and unique.

Kyle was the fourth human Green Lantern after Hall Jordan. After Jordan decimated the Green Lantern Corps in Emerald Twilight, he received his ring. Kyle would go on to be chosen to wield the power of Ion (the embodiment of willpower) for a while; he briefly joined the Blue Lantern Corps and eventually became the White Lantern.


Mogo (Image via DC Comics)

Even casual fans of comic book movies are undoubtedly familiar with Ego, the Living Planet by now. So, it isn't a far stretch to think that we could be seeing Mogo on the big screen shortly. Mogo plays a more significant role within the Green Lantern Corps than many know. He's not simply a planet-sized power ring wielder. Mogo is the reason Lanternless rings can find new users.

Without Mogo, there would be no new Green Lantern after one passes away. Mogo also acts as a training planet for fledgling Lanterns. After the events of the "Lights Out" crossover, where Oa is destroyed, Mogo becomes the Green Lantern headquarters.


Sinestro (Image via DC Comics)

Possibly one of the deeper characters in the Green Lantern mythos with multiple layers. Sinestro is not commonly known as a Green Lantern since he's seen in modern times wielding a yellow ring and at odds with the Green Lantern Corps. However, he was once one of the best Lanterns in the Corps.

When Hal Jordan discovered that Sinestro had set up a dictatorship on his home planet Korugar, he lost his ring and status as a Green Lantern. Sinestro went on to create his Corps: The Sinestro Corps. With their yellow power rings, they harnessed the yellow light of fear. Sinestro is less of a villain these days and more of an anti-hero.

Sodam Yat

Sodam Yat (Image via DC Comics)

Created by Alan Moore, Sodam Yat sat on the back burner for many years until Geoff Johns took over the title. Sodam Yat is a Daxamite who has identical powers to Superman. So, imagine Superman with a power ring. The only difference is that Daxamites are weak against lead rather than kryptonite.

Sodam Yat was prophesized to die along with the destruction of the Corps. He would eventually become the host of the Ion entity after Kyle Rayner. He would also be the sole surviving Green Lantern in the far future of the 31st century.

Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan (Image via DC Comics)

Possibly the most popular Green Lantern, as well as the most infamous, is Hal Jordan. Hal has been lifted to the heights of heroism, where his willpower has allowed him to overcome great fear. He had also fallen from grace when he became the host for Parallax and utterly destroyed the Green Lantern Corps.

Hal Jordan put on his ring after returning from the dead and got back into the swing of things like he was riding a bike. He has played a significant role in multiple events. One where he became a White Lantern to end the Blackest Night.

Some lanterns have fallen in battle or succumbed to a different Lantern Corps, but these are the best of the best and have proven themselves time and again.


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