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Disney+ sends shockwaves through fans as beloved Marvel series abruptly vanishes (Image via Disney)

Disney+ shocks fans by abruptly removing Marvel series

In a shocking move that has left devoted viewers in disbelief, Disney+ has unexpectedly decided to remove the beloved Marvel show, Runaways from its streaming platform. The fan-favorite series, which enjoyed a successful three-season run, has been abruptly axed, sending shockwaves throughout the fan community.

This surprising decision came from a comprehensive content purge by Disney+ as the streaming service bid farewell to several movies and shows, including some original productions. While the MCU documentary series MPower and Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever escaped the chopping block, Marvel's Project Hero, unfortunately, did not share the same fate.


The sudden removal of Runaways has left fans questioning the reasoning behind this unexpected move as they grapple with the absence of a series they have grown to love.

Marvel's Runaways: A sudden disappearance from Disney+

Marvel's Runaways: A sudden disappearance from Disney+ leaves fans disheartened (Image via Marvel)

The unexpected removal of Runaways, a beloved Marvel series, from Disney+ has left fans puzzled and disappointed. Surprisingly, the show was absent from the published list of movies and shows set to be removed, adding to the confusion surrounding its sudden disappearance.

Marvel's #Runaways has just been removed from Disney+ internationally without prior announcement.

Fans of Runaways now face a digital dilemma as the series is no longer available for streaming, and physical releases were never made. However, there is a glimmer of hope, as select digital platforms still offer the opportunity to purchase episodes of the beloved Marvel series.

The canonicity of Runaways has long been debated, as it existed outside direct MCU crossovers, with only a connection to Cloak and Dagger. The portrayal of the Darkhold in Disney+'s WandaVision further complicated its place in the canon, diverging from its depiction in the Marvel Television series.

RUMOR | ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’ will reveal Agatha Harkness has been in possession of Darkhold for hundreds of years!

The series will likely decanonize both ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and ‘The Runaways’!

(via Daniel RPK)

The removal of Runaways from all streaming platforms, without the option for physical purchases, has devastated fans. The show's endearing characters and captivating storylines earned high praise, evident from its solid ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

This sudden absence raises concerns about the show's place in the true MCU canon and fuels speculation about the potential for a reboot under Marvel Studios.

Unfortunately, the unresolved cliffhanger on which Runaways concluded adds to the disappointment. The chances of the original team returning seem slim. However, there is a ray of hope for fans, as one of the Runaways members, Nico Minoru, is set to appear in the upcoming animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

The upcoming #MarvelStudios animated project #SpiderManFreshmanYear is coming in 2024, including appearances from Doctor Strange, Harry & Norman Osborn, Amadeus Cho, Daredevil and Nico Minoru. #SpiderMan #Runaways #SDCC #SDCC2022 #Daredevil #DoctorStrange

While fans grapple with the loss, the opportunity to digitally purchase the series provides solace. It allows fans to relive the adventures of the Runaways or discover the series for the first time, offering temporary refuge in the cherished memories of this remarkable superhero team.

As fans ponder the true place of Runaways within the MCU canon, they dream of a future where the team may find new life under Marvel Studios' guidance. Until then, the digital realm remains a sanctuary for those seeking solace in the enduring legacy of the Runaways.

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