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  • The relationship between Thor and Loki: A discussion of sibling rivalry in the MCU
The complex relationship between Thor and Loki (Image via Marvel Studios)

The relationship between Thor and Loki: A discussion of sibling rivalry in the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has given its fans some of the greatest sibling rivalries in modern cinema. However, none of them are as compelling as the relationship between Thor and Loki, whose constant and playful tension has been a staple for the MCU franchise featuring them. Although their history is rooted in Norse mythology, the two gods' complicated relationship gives their respective characters a human touch.

Since the two Asgardian brothers have been at odds with each other from the beginning of the MCU, their dynamic has become even more complex over the course of the franchise. On that note, this article will take a closer look at the relationship between Thor and Loki and how it has developed within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Thor and Loki's relationship in MCU is far too complex to be defined by a few adjectives

Thor and Loki's relationship became with the latter's jealousy and ambition

Thor and Loki as young boys in Asgard (Image via Marvel Studios)

The relationship between Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) has been complicated since the start of the series. Thor, the crown prince of Asgard, was always favored by their father, Odin, while Loki was left to feel like an outsider. This led to deep-seated jealousy on the latter's part, which only grew when Thor was chosen to be the next king of Asgard.


Despite their differences, Thor and Loki have always had a close relationship, and there have been moments in the MCU where it's clear that they still care for each other. However, Loki's jealousy and thirst for power have always gotten the better of him, leading him to betray Thor and the rest of the Asgardian people several times.

Despite the siblings' rivalry, Thor and Loki have shown to care for each other time and again

Thor and Loki battling each other in The Avengers (Image via Marvel Studios)

In The Avengers, Loki's betrayal of Thor and the Asgardian people reaches new heights when he attacks Earth to conquer the planet and rule over humanity. As a result, Thor was forced to team up with the Avengers to stop his brother and protect the people of Earth.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter in their relationship, as Thor is forced to confront the fact that his brother is a villain who he must stop at any cost. Despite Thor's efforts to stop Loki, the God of Mischief continues to wreak havoc throughout the MCU.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Loki and Thor are reunited, but their relationship is yet once again shown to be strained. However, as the two brothers work together to save Asgard, it becomes clear that they still have a deep bond and that there is a glimmer of hope for their relationship.

The enduring dynamic between Thor and Loki in the MCU (Image via Marvel Studios)

In fact, Thor: Ragnarok is the movie that sheds the most light on their relationship. From fans learning how Loki disguised himself as a snake to trick Thor when they were kids to them sharing an emotional moment after defeating Hela, the duo has defined what sticking together literally stands for.


However, one of the greatest blows for MCU fans came with Loki's ultimate sacrifice for his brother in Avengers: Infinity War. Intending to take Thanos by surprise, the God of Mischief saves Thor's life as he says:

"The sun will shine on us again."

While fans were anticipating the two Norse gods to resolve the differences between them and finally see them working as a team, Loki's death proved to be a reminder of the fact that he still cares and trusts for his brother, even if it leads to sacrifice.

The dynamic between Thor and Loki will continue in the future MCU franchises

The future of the relationship between Thor and Loki remains uncertain (Image via Marvel Studios)

The relationship between Thor and Loki is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most complex and compelling dynamics. Despite their differences, it's clear that the two brothers still care for each other, and their sibling rivalry will continue to be a central theme in the franchise for years to come. However, it is unclear when they will they appear next on screen together, as Loki wasn't even a part of the God of Thunder's latest film, Thor: Love and Thunder.


Meanwhile, Loki, the Disney+ series, explores the titular character's antics and mischief in a solo adventure separate from Thor. Regardless of when they next appear on screen together, the sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki will continue to be a central theme in the MCU.

Whether they will be able to reconcile and repair their relationship remains to be seen. Still, one thing is for sure: the dynamic between Thor and Loki will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

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