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Ross Marquand reflects on Negan's redemption in The Walking Dead: Exploring Maggie's journey towards forgiveness... or lack thereof (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Walking Dead: Does Maggie ever forgive Negan? Ross Marquand gives his honest take

The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand, known for portraying the character Aaron, candidly dismisses the idea of Maggie ever pardoning Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the show. Despite Negan's efforts to distance himself and create a new life away from the characters he had wronged, the wounds he inflicted seem too profound for forgiveness, especially from Maggie and Aaron (Ross Marquand).

The cruel and needless murder of Maggie's husband, Glenn (Steven Yeun), by Negan, has made it impossible for her to move past the act. Negan, being aware of this fact, chooses to walk away, anticipating that Maggie might seek revenge on him, just as she did with the Reapers.


Their paths, however, cross once more in The Walking Dead when Negan reappears six months later, leading a new group and aiding Aaron and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) against Toby Carlson's (Jason Butler Harner) renegade Commonwealth troopers.

Unforgivable acts and paths to redemption: The tale of Negan in The Walking Dead

Negan in The Walking Dead: A harrowing journey from unforgivable atrocities to seeking redemption (Image via AMC)

In the dynamic universe of The Walking Dead, the idea of forgiveness is often tested. In a recent interview, Ross Marquand, who portrays the character of Aaron, was asked by ComicBook about his character's capacity to forgive Negan, the man who had twice saved his life. His response? A decisive no:

"I don't think he can."

He underscored the shared sentiment between Aaron and Maggie towards Negan, highlighting how both characters have, at best, "tolerated" him:

"I mean, I think Aaron and Maggie are very much alike in this regard. Listen, I think Aaron has more than tolerated Negan over the last few seasons."


Marquand accentuated this point by citing moments when Aaron had opportunities to kill Negan, such as during a secluded mission where Aaron temporarily lost his sight due to hogweed. Despite advocating for forgiveness, Marquand holds that certain actions, like the unprovoked murder of a loved one, are beyond pardon:

"I mean, there are so many times where he certainly could have killed him, like when they were off on their own little private mission when Aaron got partially blinded for a second from the hogweed."

Marquand continued:

"I'm a big fan of forgiveness. I know Aaron is a big fan of forgiveness as well, but I think there's just some things like the killing of a loved one, the insane, unnecessary, totally unfathomable, and inexcusable killing of a loved one for no other reason than just to intimidate."

The narrative of Negan, however, is one of twists and turns. After languishing nearly a decade in an Alexandria prison, Negan's life was dramatically altered. His liberation came at the behest of Carol (Melissa McBride), who saw him as instrumental in orchestrating Alpha's (Samantha Morton) assassination, thereby heralding the end of The Whisperer War.

Maggie and Negan must work together to survive the big city.

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Although Negan has momentarily eluded Maggie's vengeance, he is bound to face the repercussions of his deeds. In The Rotten Core episode, this inevitable confrontation looms when he and Maggie find themselves marooned with Annie's (Medina Senghore) group, the Riverbenders.

Reflecting on the intricate situation, Marquand conceded that while Negan may never receive full forgiveness from Aaron and Maggie, they can fight beside him. In their quest for the "greater good," they can tolerate him at the very least.

"But I do think Aaron has shown, and Maggie has certainly shown, that they can fight alongside him and certainly tolerate him for the greater good, if it means the greater good and not just Negan's good."

This tension between past atrocities and the potential for redemption adds a complex layer to The Walking Dead's captivating narrative.

Negan's journey: Redemption or a new illusion in The Walking Dead?

Negan's transformation in The Walking Dead: A genuine pursuit of redemption or a captivating illusion? (Image via AMC)

In an insightful commentary on The Walking Dead, the show's creator, Angela Kang, discussed Negan's transformation. Revealed during an episode of Talking Dead, Kang highlighted Negan's deep-seated mistrust for Maggie as the catalyst that drives him to abandon Alexandria, seeking a fresh start with a different group.

Negan and Maggie taking over the best city in the land #TWD #DeadCity

This new chapter is marked by Negan striving to obliterate his tainted past while simultaneously questioning his potential for change and envisioning better decisions for his future.


Yet, the haunting question lingers: Will Maggie ever forgive Negan? The consensus, echoing in the stark silence of the show's dystopian setting, seems to be a profound "No."

Nonetheless, Ross Marquand applauds the metamorphosis of Negan's character - his journey from a dreaded villain to an ostensibly better human.

TWO WEEKS until Maggie and Negan return in ‘TWD: Dead City.’

The nuances of Negan's redemption arc, shadowed by his heinous past yet aspiring towards a renewed self, weave an intriguing layer into the complex tapestry of The Walking Dead narrative.

This intricate storyline underscores the dichotomy between acceptance of change and the persistence of past wounds - a tension that keeps viewers eagerly awaiting the unfolding chapters in this epic tale.

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