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Exploring the last surviving city of Krypton (Image via DC)

What is DC's Argo City? Details explored about the last surviving portion of Krypton

In the DC comics, Krypton is portrayed as the home planet of our favorite Superman, and it also shows how tragically all the civilizations of the planet ended. Argo City was the last surviving city on the planet.

When the planet exploded, Zor-EL built a fail-safe to protect Argo city. However, he was unsure whether the plan to build a fail-safe would work. Luckily, it worked, saving the entire Argo city from destruction and making it the last remaining part of Superman's home planet.


Every DC fan is looking forward to learning more about the city. So, without any further ado, let's start.

Exploring the details about Argo City, the last remaining part of Krypton


Argo city was first introduced in the Silver Age of Comics. It's a city that was covered with a dome to protect it from Krypton's destruction. The dome was created by the genius scientist Zor-El, Superman's paternal uncle and Kara's father. So, after Krypton's defeat, the city wandered off into space for several years.

Fortunately, the dome protected the city and its people from radioactive radiation. And the person responsible for this miracle, Zor-El, was chosen as the city's leader.

Argo City is Supergirl's home city (Image via DC)

Some years later, when Zor-El and Alura had a daughter, Kara Zor-El, Argo City floated near the yellow sun. After absorbing this sun's radiation, people in the city, including Kara, start developing superpowers. However, a Kryptonian, Jer-Em, pushed the city away from the Yellow sun, and the people lost their powers.

The city was supposed to be safe for years from getting demolished, but at this point, the dome's casing was compromised. A meteor shower destroyed the dome's layer. So, to protect their daughter, Zor-El and his wife Alura sent Kara to Earth in a spacecraft.

After that, every person in Argo City was killed because of the radiation. However, Zor-El and Alura survived the ordeal after being transported to the survival zone, thanks to Zor-El's ray gun.

A domed shield surrounded Argo city to protect it from the destruction (Image via DC)

Argo is portrayed as a community home to advanced civilizations in the movies. To make an anti-dote to Samantha Arias, Lena Luthor wanted Harun-El, a mineral with magical powers. So, a technician named Winn Scott decided to trace Harun-El's radiation signature to find out more about the magic material.


Later, Kara, along with Mon-El, borrowed a spaceship from one of the last remaining green Martians to follow the radiation signature of Harun-El, only to find out that it's a domed city.

Moreover, during the search, Kara suddenly found out that it was her home city, Argo. Moving forward, she also discovered the whereabouts of her mother, Alura.

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