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Infinity Stones in the MCU (image via Marvel)

Which Infinity Stone would you wield, based on your MBTI? 

The Infinity Stones in Marvel comics act as a conduit to control different aspects of the universe. There are a total of six Infinity Stones: Power Stone, Space Stone, Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Time Stone, and Soul Stone. Each of the Infinity Stones has a specific nature, corresponding to different aspects of the human personality.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular personality assessment test that helps test takers identify their personality out of 16 overarching personality types. Users can get these MBTI types based on four dimensions: extraversion/introversion, intuition/sensing, feeling/thinking, and perceiving/judging.


In this article, we will assign different MBTI types to the Infinity Stones based on their core aspects.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this story are subjective and reflect the author's opinions.

MBTI types that correspond to the six Infinity Stones

Power Stone

Power Stone (Image via Marvel)

The Power Stone first made its MCU appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). Being one of the strongest Infinity Stones, the Power Stone grants the wielder immense strength, though it should be noted that the power within the stone can kill anyone who uses it without a proper support or failsafe.

The Power Stone is strong, pervasive, and explorative in nature. Ronin, who wielded the stone for some time, embodied these qualities and was extremely ruthless and fierce. However, even he didn't even try to use the stone with his bare hands.

On the flip side, when Peter Quill wields the stone, he unleashes its power with the support of other Guardian members. The Star-Lord is outgoing, enthusiastic, self-reliant, and driven by nature.

Therefore, the personality types most likely to wield the Power Stone would be ENTJ (Commander), ENFJ (Protagonist), and ISFP (Adventurer). Peter Quill himself is an ISFP, and those of the ENTJ and ENFJ types are the most compatible to wield the stone due to their natural leadership capabilities.


Space Stone

One of the first Infinity Stones, the Space stone (Image via Marvel)

The Space Stone is quite hard to put on the Infinity Stones map because the aspect of the universe it controls is space itself. Those who wield the Space Stone can teleport, open portals, and even relocate planets from one place to another.

It can only be used by beings of strength, and those undeserving get consumed by it. Red Skull evidenced this at the end of Captain America and found himself in Vormir.


Those who understand the full scope of Space Stone gain exceptional command over it, such as Thanos, who is usually classified as an INTJ. The most likely users of Space Stone would be INTJ (Architect), INTP (Logician), and ISTJ (Logistician) types.

Mind Stone

Mind Stone from the MCU (via Marvel)

Mind Stone is one of the strongest Infinity Stones, representing the ability of the mind and cognition. It is also one of the most difficult Infinity Stones to control.

The wielder of this stone gets to control the framework within its core, which is similar to an advanced supercomputer. When Loki gains control of the Mind Stone and uses it with his scepter, he gains control over the minds of whoever's heart he touches with the scepter.

Mind Stone is even used to give sentience to artificial beings, such as Ultron and Vision. The most likely wielders of the Mind Stone are those with the MBTI types of INTJ (Architect) and INTP (Logician). ENFJs (The Protagonist) could also wield it since they have great control over the power of influence.

Time Stone

Time stone, wielded by Doctor Strange (Image via Marvel)

Time Stone grants ultimate control over the passage of time, which makes it one of the most desirable Infinity Stones. It is not like the other stones, as it is compulsory for its wielder to have extraordinary powers. The Ancient One and Doctor Strange were the only ones who could only use the stone's powers because it was sealed in the Eye of Agamotto, since the sorcerer Agamotto couldn't wield it either.

The stone also doesn't necessarily obey the order of the timeline. When Doctor Strange uses it to send a half-eaten apple in the future, it turns into a molded, fully-consumed apple despite it having never been eaten by anyone. This indicates that the wielders can use the stone to unveil a potential future.

Those with the MBTI types of ISTP (Virtuoso), ESTJ (Executive), and ISFJ (Defender) are the most likely users for it. The Time Stone requires power, excellence, and most importantly, the courage to look past oneself.

Reality Stone

Reality stone, first seen in Thor: The Dark World (image via Marvel)

As the name suggests, users of this stone get full control over reality. The origin of this stone predates the universe, as it is a remnant of a singularity even before the universe came to be. Malekith is the only one who has fully wielded the stone and survived.


Unlike other stones, the Reality Stone gets absorbed by the users. When Jane Foster came into contact with it, she absorbed it and was dying as a result of it. It is one of the most unstable Infinity Stones.

The stone can also be amplified if combined with other stones. Thanos used it along with the Time Stone and pulled the surface of Titan itself to get Doctor Strange. Reality Stone also grants extraordinary strength and endurance to the user, as Maliketh could take direct hits from Thor's Mjolnir.

The likely contenders for this stone are ESTP (Entrepreneur), ISTP (Virtuoso), and ENTP (Debator) types. The reason why these types are suited for it is that they possess some of the strongest wills. This is another reason why Maliketh was suited to it.

Soul Stone

One of the last Infinity Stones, the Mind Stone (image via Marvel)

Out of all the Infinity Stones, Soul Stone is the most eclectic one. Soul Stone is said to have "a certain wisdom to it." When Thanos sacrifices Gamora, who he truly loves, he gets the stone.

Soul stone has the ability to manipulate the souls of others, which holds the essence of their individuality. It can also summon the spiritual representation of people who have died. Out of all the Infinity Stones that Thanos acquired, he used this one the least.


The wielders of this stone are not required to be extremely powerful, as they have to sacrifice whoever they love the most to get it. Those with the INFP (Mediator), ENFJ (Protagonist), ISFP (Adventurer), and ESFP (Entertainer) types are most likely to wield it. The reason these types are capable of acquiring it is that they usually tend to be loving.

Some of the most fierce beings in the Marvel universe have tried to control the Infinity Stones, but it has ended in disaster. It is the nature of these stones to be wielded by the most powerful, well-consolidated, and fearless beings who understand the scope of the power they deal with.

The MCU has proven time and again that only those with the purest of intentions can wield them.


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