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Scarlet Witch and Chthon (Image via Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics)

Will Chthon, writer of Darkhold, save Wanda (Scarlet Witch) from Wundagore Mountain? Theories about Elder God explored

Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness went through quite the arc. Going through a villainous turn, Wanda Maximoff was corrupted by the powers of the Darkhold, which resulted in her losing everything.

The film ended with her destroying the Wundagore Mountain that held the secrets of the Darkhold.


The movie also showed Scarlet Witch sacrificing herself along with the mountain. That indeed has left many confused about what her future in the MCU will be like, considering there are just so many loose threads left with her.

What if by destroying The Darkhold, Wanda released Chthon… boom Scarlet Witch trilogy


Will Chthon be able to save the Scarlet Witch?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness saw Scarlet Witch travel to Mount Wundagore to see the ancient ruins of the Darkhold, as the book was destroyed. Taking Wong to the mountain, Wanda was able to find the ruins that helped write the Darkhold and dream walk once more.

if the Scarlet Witch solo movie rumors are true, it’d be really cool to see her go up against Chthon

She uses this to her advantage, going after Doctor Strange and using the ruins to strip America Chaves of her powers. However, in the end, Strange and America subdue her by showing that her children are safe in the other universe. Stricken by grief, Wanda destroys the entire mountain and goes down with it.

Many fans have been wondering if the Scarlet Witch is actually dead in the MCU for a while now. The first rule of cinema is, of course, unless you don't see a body, then the person is not dead, so there is a chance that Wanda will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But how?

idk why they had wanda destroy every darkhold ever at the end of the dsmom. they missed out on the opportunity to bring chthon and this moment to the mcu

Here is a theory that might help. Considering that Chthon is the being who wrote the Darkhold, there must be a way that he can help the Scarlet Witch. Chthon, in a way, himself is a God, and there are endless possibilities with how that situation can work out.

For those who don't know, Chthon is the God of Chaos, and he was responsible for the creation of the Darkhold. He wrote the book in the Darque Hold chambers of Wundagore and was responsible for the dark sorcery blooming so much.

With him being a God, there is a way he can bring Wanda back.

even though Wanda destroyed the Wundagore temple i have no doubt we'll see it again they dropped clear hints of its importance & connection to Chthon so there's no way we won't see it again considering they just introduced it. i bet it'll build itself back up when she revives.

Recently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we saw Khonshu help Marc Spector and breathe life into him by making him his avatar. This was possible due to Khonshu being an Elder God.

Chthon is an Elder God, too, and he can breathe new life into Wanda, considering just how deep she has dug herself into dark magic. There is also no need for Chthon to make Maximoff his avatar because he is not stuck in the overvoid, like how the Egyptian Gods in Moon Knight are.

This would give Wanda free will to do whatever she wants.

When the Solo Scarlet Witch movie is announced hopefully the villain is Chthon.

It looks like we are heading in the direction where Wanda Maximoff will come back more powerful than ever. With her being taken down alongside Mount Wundagore, we might see a very different Scarlet when she returns to the MCU.

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