10 best quotes involving Australian cricket

RCBs bowling spearhead Mitchell Starc hurled a bit of venom against Kieron Pollard the other day, though I assure you that it wasnt the smartest decision to anger a monstrous West Indian. In the end, the latter did have the last laugh.The feisty Aussies never hold back, though. Be it wearing downthe oppositionby means of fiery sledging or making a sharp quip in the press conferences or even amusing one and all by cracking a joke; they know it all. Winning is all that matters for them; reputations are the last thing they care about.Here are a few entertaining quotes pertaining to Australian cricket:-


#10 \"There\'s been 753 days and 3 different PMs since we last won a game.\"

On January 14th of this year, after winning their first game in BBL after three years, the Sydney Thunder tweeted the above, revealing how much had changed in the country while the Thunder were fishing for a win.

Sydney Thunder is the most unsuccessful team in the Big Bash League having lost 19 games in row from December 2011 to January 2014 - across three seasons. The lack of quality local players in their side has been hurting them the most.

#9 \"I reckon if I was India I\'d get all their bowlers to put a turban on their head.\"


The Aussies love advising others. Dont they? Building up to the Border-Gavaskar series in 2008, Damien Fleming, a former Kangaroo bowler, had a piece of advice for the Indians to dismiss the then Australian skipper Ricky Ponting, who was in stellar form that year having scored 708 runs in 7 Test matches.

Taking Pontings vulnerability against the Turbinator into account, it wasnt a bad idea at all, actually. In fact, Ponting has been dismissed by Harbhajan more times (10) than to any other bowler, 9 of which came before the said series.


#8 \"It\'s almost like when you get meat and bash it with a mallet to soften it down, that\'s what happened.\"

After taking a crashing blow off a snorter from Kemar Roach, Ricky Ponting suffered a serious elbow injury, ruling him out of the Boxing Day Test match of 2009 against the Pakistan. The then Australian team physio Alex Kountouris divulged his culinarian self through his explanation of the injury.

Returning from the injury after a couple of weeks, Ponting was constantly found susceptible against the short-pitched stuff, which many considered, was an aftermath of that bouncer.


#7 \"Once the ball gets past me it takes me slightly longer than the Queen Mary to turn around, so that\'s not a good thing for a professional athlete.\"

Stuart MacGill, the former Australian leggie, was never known for his fielding abilities. A knee injury in 2008 meant that he wasnt going to get any better in this aspect of the game - not in keeping with Australians tradition of athleticism in the field. The manner in which he expressed his disgust with his own effort, however, didnt earn him too many fans in England.

#6 \"There was a little element of feeling like a cow.\"

The swashbuckling Australian wicket-keeper batsman Adam Gilchrist is ever ready to cash in on the slightest oportunity to pass a sarcastic remark. Post the IPL auction in 2008, he proved to be one of the heftiest buys then as he went to Deccan Chargers for $700,000. Gillly, you know what, nobody would mind the feeling of a cow as long as one earns $700,000!

#5 \"Even my mother can lead this Australian side.\"

A sumptuous all-rounder of his time, Chris Cairns was quite frank in comparing the Aussie teams captained by Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting. His choice was all too obvious as Pontings side had stars all over the place.

When you have guys like Hayden, Langer, Katich, Clarke, Symonds, Gilchrist, McGrath, Lee, Warne, and Gilespie in your ranks, your job becomes as easy as any in the world. A winnings percentage of 76.38 (in ODIs) and 62.33 (in Tests) only emphasizes the point.


#4 \"There is a point in time when you and you only know - the rest know it a second later - and it\'s the best feeling as a batsman.\"

Gilly is no stranger to six-hitting. Is he? Having hit 262 career sixes in 396 international matches, he knows a thing or two about depositing the ball twenty rows back. Describing the joy of dispatching a bowler in the stands,Gilchrist frankly narrates the feeling when the gamble of lofting the ball in the air comes off.

#3 \"You don\'t shake a tree and baggy green caps fall out.\"

Michael Edward Killeen Hussey made his international cricket debut in 2004, after grinding it out for 10 years at the domestic level. Nobody could better fathom the importance of a Baggy Green than Huss, himself. In a column for the Daily Telegraph, he made it absolutely clear that an opportunity to play in the cash-rich IPL doesnt match the joy and honour of donning the national colours.

Rubbishing the idea of retirement, Mr. Cricket further wrote, There are suggestions that golden eggs are being laid out by the IPL and it may force a premature retirement of the Test veterans approaching their careers. It took me over 15000 first class runs to get it. No amount of money will cause me to think of retirement.

#2 \"Sometimes I wish I was Adam Gilchrist.\"

Mark Richardson was one of those stubborn opening batsmen who would make the bowlers toil all day long with solid defence and dogged temperament. Averaging over 44 in Test cricket for New Zealand, Richardson was known for graceful yet unentertaining knocks.


At the end of first days play of the first Test against England in 2004, Richardson compiled a dully 93-run knock off 266 balls. He criticized his own knock calling it a miserable innings and conceded his heartfelt desire to whack the ball like the Aussie legend, Adam Gilchrist.

#1 \"I definitely believe if any of our batsmen get out to Giles in the Tests they should go and hang themselves. But I\'m confident that won\'t happen.\"

Australians are the masters of sledging. When it comes to the Ashes, they are all the more charged up to play a few mind games. Prior to the 2005 Ashes series in England, Terry Alderman, a former Aussie great, took a jab at Englands leading spinner, Ashley Giles.

Ahead of the all-important Ashes, Giles was in the peak of his form, having done well against the Proteas in their own backyard. Alderman, however, wasnt too impressed and dubbed Giles as a bowler with a negative mindset and one who picks up bucket-loads of wickets by annoying the batsman, who in turn, falter in their attempts to hit out of trouble.

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