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Anushka Sharma (L) and Mayanti Langer

3 instances when cricketers' wives shut down social media trolls

In the modern age and time of cricket across the globe, social media plays a huge role in how players, support staff and families of the athletes are perceived by fans.

While top performances, notable moments always make the talking points at the end of a cricket match or even a whole series, there are certain instances when the same players come under scrutiny for their poor run of form or even posts on their social media accounts.


There have been quite a few cases when the cricketers' wives also came to their defence on social media, in an attempt to shut out trolls who looked to put down the players.

In this article, we have a look at three such instances when the cricketers' wives called out fans on social media.


#1 Sakshi Singh calls out false reports of MS Dhoni donating ₹1 lakh for COVID-19 relief efforts


In the last week of March this year, it was widely reported that MS Dhoni had donated ₹1 lakh through a Pune-based NGO to help workers' families in Pune. However, Sakshi Singh took to Twitter and slammed the Indian media houses for carrying out false news and lashed out at what she thought was irresponsible journalism on that front.

#2 Anushka Sharma hits out at malicious, vicious news


Indian captain Virat Kohli's wife, actress Anushka Sharma was accused of being served tea during the 2019 ICC World Cup by former Indian cricketer, Farokh Engineer. Anushka was also accused of being part of closed door meetings and selection processes and on October 31st, she tweeted out a massive statement which addressed the above issues.

Anushka, in her statement, also claimed that she was asked to stand in the group photo along with the High Commissioner, referring to the photo which went viral on social media.

#3 Mayanti Langer defends Stuart Binny

Stuart Binny and Mayanti Langer have been subject to quite a few trolls over the past few years, with the Indian all-rounder having endured a topsy turvy career thus far. In February this year, Mayanti responded to a fan who trolled Binny, claiming that her husband was busy living his life and playing cricket.

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