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Chris Broad and Stuart Broad, an English father-son duo

3 strange father-son incidents the game of cricket has witnessed

A child will always look to replicate his father on the cricket field. When a young cricketer, whose father has played cricket at the highest level, decides to take up the game of cricket professionally, he will look to follow in his father's footsteps. There have been a few father-son-duos who have represented their teams and tasted success at the international level. There also have been a few sons who performed better than their fathers at the international level.

Stuart Broad, for instance, has tasted more success than his father at the international level.


While Chris Broad was an opening batsman, Stuart Broad has been one of the best new-ball bowlers the game has seen, making them a formidable father-son duo. Chris played 30 Tests for England and his attack-first instinct led to his downfall in international cricket and he played his last game for England at the age of 30. Stuart Broad on the other end is only the third fast bowler in the history of Test cricket to pick up 500 wickets. At the age of 34, Stuart is in his prime and has a few seasons of cricket left in him.

However, the game of cricket has also witnessed some strange father-son incidents. The duo of Chris Broad and Stuart Broad have been involved in one such incident. Here is a look at 3 such incidents involving father-son duos:


#1. A father penalizing a son for using inappropriate language:

Stuart Broad was fined by his father Chris Broad for using inappropriate language.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICC has relaxed its rules about having a neutral match-referee in a Test match. The ongoing Test series between England and Pakistan witnessed Chris Broad being a match-referee for the first time in a Test match involving his home team i.e. England.

In the first Test of the series at Manchester, Stuart Broad was fined by his father Chris Broad. The incident occurred in Pakistan's second innings when the younger Broad used inappropriate language and also gave an inappropriate send off to Yasir Shah.

Stuart Broad was fined 15% of the match fee and was also handed over a demerit point.

A father penalizing a son for using inappropriate language on the cricket field is one of the strangest incidents the game has witnessed and this incident involving a father-son duo begins our list.


#2.A father ruling his son out on the cricket field:

Hitesh Modi was ruled out LBW by his father in an ODI in 2006.

Subhash Modi was an on-field umpire appointed by the ICC in an ODI between Kenya and Bangladesh in Nairobi in the year 2006. Subhash's son, Hitesh Modi represented Kenya in the said game.


Hitesh Modi was struck on the pads by the bowler Mashrafe Mortaza and Subhash had no hesitation in ruling his son out LBW.

The said incident remains the only one in the history of cricket where a son has been ruled out by his father, making this number 2 on our list of father-son duo incidents in a game.

#3. Father-son duo being involved in a run-out:

Shivnarine and Tangerine Chanderpaul

Imagine a son getting run-out while batting with his father in a cricket game. Such an incident has occurred in a match in the West Indies's Super 50 Cup at Coolidge.


Shivnarine Chanderpaul was batting with his son Tangerine Chanderpaul and the senior Chanderpaul hit a straight drive which struck the bowler's foot and deflected to hit the stumps on the non-striker's end. Tangerine was found short of his crease and was declared run-out. He scored 12 runs in the said innings.

A father-son duo involved in a run-out while batting together is indeed a bizarre incident.

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