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Rahul Dravid has been one of the finest finds in the history of Indian cricket

4 records held by Rahul Dravid that might never get broken

"His remarkable career is proof that nice guys don't finish last,"

said one of the greatest captains in the history of Australian cricket - Steve Waugh. about Rahul Dravid. Here's wishing a very happy birthday to the legendary batsman. Dravid - popularly known as The Wall has made an enormous contribution to Indian cricket.


In his prolific career, the former Indian captain happened to feature in 164 Tests, 344 ODIs, and a solitary T20I. Having played more than 500 matches at the international level, Mr. Dependable amassed 13288 Test runs at an excellent average of 52.31 with five double-centuries, 36 centuries, and 63 half-centuries to his name. Dravid's ODI numbers are exceptional too. He managed to notch-up 10889 ODI runs at a decent average of 39.17, which also includes 12 centuries and 83 half-centuries.

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Alongside some startling numbers up his sleeve, Dravid also holds quite a few exciting records. Hence, on the occasion of Dravid's birthday, let us have a look at four records held by Dravid that might not get broken in donkey's years. Maybe ever.

#4 Most number of catches by a fielder (excluding wicket-keeper) in Tests

Rahul Dravid has been the best slip-catcher for India in Tests

Rahul Dravid, being a batsman with sheer grit, is also known for his remarkable fielding skills. Dravid happens to be the best slip fielder in the entire history of Test cricket. To bring it into numbers, Dravid has taken 210 catches, most of them being at slips.

With 210 catches to his name, Dravid has the most number of catches in Tests as a fielder. Pending the fact that no active player is close to this feat, the record will take a very long time to break if ever it gets broken in the entire lifetime of cricket.

#3 Most number of deliveries faced by a batsman in Test cricket

Rahul Dravid's determination skills are second to none

31258 - the most number of deliveries faced by any batsman in the history of Test cricket until now. Dravid happens to be the only cricketer to have faced more than 30000 deliveries in whites. With the game of cricket undergoing a lot of transformations and with ICC proposing 4-day Tests, the record is here to stay with Rahul Dravid for the coming years.

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#2 Most number of minutes spent at the crease by a batsman in Test cricket

Rahul Dravid has got the best defense

Rahul Dravid owns the record for the most number of minutes (44152) spent at the crease by a batsman in Test cricket. The record is the result of his unmatched determination and perseverance that formed the basis for his long innings in Tests.


It is quite evident that the record held by Dravid will take lifetimes to get broken as we rarely get similar kind of attributes in batsmen these days. Moreover, with Test cricket changing at an exponential rate, the preceding argument gets stronger.

#1 Most number of hundred-run partnerships

Rahul Dravid mastered the art of buidling partnerships

Building partnerships remains a science that Dravid had mastered magnificently. In Tests, Dravid was involved in 52 hundred-run partnerships which happen to be the most by any batsman in the history of Test cricket. He has had 20 hundred-run partnerships with Sachin Tendulkar, which happens to be the most by any batting pair in Test cricket.

Given the dynamics of the players in the current era of Test cricket, the record is here to stay. These number of hundred-run partnerships will be a mammoth one to achieve for any individual (of course in partnership with others) in the future.

Note: All statistics as of 11 January 2020

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