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Virat Kohli has been at the center of many on-field spats

5 instances when Virat Kohli was involved in scuffles on the field

Virat Kohli, without a doubt, is a modern-day legend of the game of cricket. With his soaring popularity, the Indian captain is always under the spotlight.

Over the years, Virat Kohli's aggression has played a major role in shaping his own career, as well as the mindset of the Indian team at large.


While aggression is often healthy in sport, it can lead to some ugly spats between players. Given his aggressive ways, it is not uncommon to see Virat involved in verbal spats with his fellow opponents.

This often leads to sledging from both parties and becomes a large topic of discussion for the next few days to come.

In this article, we take a look at five popular sledges from Indian captain Virat Kohli.


Famous on-field scuffles involving Virat Kohli


#1 Virat Kohli and Steve Smith (2014)

Virat Kohli and Steve Smith involved in a verbal spat in 2014

This incident took place during the 2014-15 Border-Gavaskar Trophy between India and Australia.


Rohit Sharma bowled a fine delivery to Steve Smith to trap him in front and appealed for LBW, only to receive no positive response from the umpire. Rohit, being confident, continued to appeal before the umpire.

Rohit's continued appeal enraged Steve Smith, who made an angry gesture towards Sharma. Witnessing the event, Virat Kohli lost his temper and made his way to Smith.

Virat angrily warned the Aussie batter and said - "Stay in your limits". Non-striker David Warner and India's wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha then jumped in to separate the two.

#2 Virat Kohli and Mitchell Johnson (2014)

Kohli falls onto the ground after being hit by Mitchell Johnson in a run out attempt

In the 2014-15 Border-Gavaskar Trophy, Virat Kohli walked out into the middle after the fall of Cheteshwar Pujara's wicket. He was immediately greeted by a fiery Aussie pace attack led by Mitchell Johnson, who bowled continuous short balls at the batter.


While facing Johnson, Kohli happened to play one of his deliveries back towards him. Johnson then picked up the ball and threw it at Kohli, hurting him in an attempt to run him out.

This infuriated Virat Kohli. He walked up to Mitchell Johnson, who seemed heated as well, and a few words were exchanged between the two.

Virat Kohli ended up scoring a spectacular 169 in his innings to seek revenge on the Aussies.

#3 Virat Kohli and Ollie Robinson (2021)

Virat Kohli sledging Ollie Robinson at Lord's

On the final day of the Lord's Test between India and England, Virat Kohli was pumped as the visitors were ever so close to a Test victory at the famous venue after eight long years.


In his way was Ollie Robinson, who was battling to save the Test for England. Referring to Cheteshwar Pujara’s slow, but important knock of 45 off 206 deliveries earlier in the Test, the Indian captain started passing sarcastic remarks at Ollie Robinson.

The stump mic caught Kohli saying "Pujji, how boring was your innings? Maybe that’s how you survive in a Test match". Kohli also called Robinson a "Big Mouth."

#4 Virat Kohli and James Faulkner (2016)

Virat Kohli and James Faulkner in a heated moment

In the 2016 ODI series between India and Australia, things got heated between Kohli and James Faulkner. In an attempt to infuriate Kohli and get the better of him, Faulkner walked up to him and said - "You tried to smash me there, but you failed."


When at the non-striker's end, Virat Kohli came back with one of the most savage on-field responses to a sledge. He said - "I’ve smashed you enough in my life. No point, just go and bowl."

Kohli smashed 12 runs, including a six in the very next over after this incident.

#5 Virat Kohli and Kesrick Williams (2019)

In one of the most popular sledging events in recent times, Indian captain Virat Kohli went head-on against West Indies' Kesrick Williams and made a mockery of his trademark notebook celebration.

In the 2017 series between West Indies and India, Williams had dismissed Virat and rejoiced with his notebook celebration. Virat Kohli was seemingly offended by it, and decided to give back strongly in the 2019 series between the two nations.

Kohli displayed some fine hitting in the first T20I in 2019, and scored 31 runs off just 12 deliveries bowled by Williams. He mocked the notebook celebration to seek his revenge.

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