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John Cena trying his hand in the game of Cricket

5 WWE Superstars and their equivalents in Indian cricket

Cricket is inarguably the most followed sports in India and by a long distance as well. Cricketers are worshipped as idols in the country. However, the popularity of WWE in India cannot be undermined. Both WWE and cricket has its fans across all age groups. While cricket isn't half as popular in the United States, it still hasn't stopped from wrestlers trying their hand in the game.


With WWE seeing India as a major market outside the United States, Bollywood and cricket are two fields where WWE has tried to win fans over in India.

Since both cricket and WWE are so popular in India, it wouldn't hurt to compare superstars of two entirely different fields. After all, who does not love to relate things which they so dearly love?

#5 Brock Lesnar and Yuvraj Singh

Both Brock Lesnar and Yuvraj Singh overcame life-threatening diseases to prove their mark once again.

Brock Lesnar and Yuvraj Singh probably have more in common than you might have thought of. While Brock Lesnar is one of the strongest wrestlers to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring, Yuvraj Singh is known for hitting long sixes without any effort. Strength plays a huge role in their approach towards the game.

The other interesting similarity between the two is how they were struck by life-threatening diseases when they were at the prime of their careers. Brock Lesnar suffered from diverticulitis when he was the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Yuvraj Singh was battling with cancer during the World Cup 2011, in which he won the Man of the Tournament award. So did the disease stop them from continuing their passion? Absolutely not! Brock Lesnar made his successful return to UFC defending his title against Shane Carwin at UFC 116. On the other hand, Yuvraj Singh too was able to earn his spot in the national team again.

#4 Roman Reigns and Rohit Sharma

Roman Reigns, just like Rohit Sharma, has achieved a lot in a short span of time.

Roman Reigns and Rohit Sharma share an interesting case. Both of the two superstars are not just immensely talented and have a great fan following, they also have a stronger competitor in their fields. While Roman Reigns has been WWE's poster boy for the past few years achieving multiple feats, The Hitman hasn't been too far behind the limelight leading Mumbai Indians to 3 IPL trophies. Rohit Sharma is also the vice-captain of the Indian team in limited overs format.

However, while The Big Dog has been the face of the company for some time, he has been outshone by his close friend, Seth Rollins. Similarly, Rohit Sharma too has been a step behind his teammate and captain, Virat Kohli. Another interesting comparison between the two is that many people argue that Reigns has been given the mega push mostly for his looks and his family lineage. Rohit Sharma too has often been criticized for receiving many opportunities despite failing on multiple occasions.


#3 The Undertaker and Rahul Dravid

Both The Undertaker and Rahul Dravid are two of the most respected persons in their respective fields.

The Undertaker has been WWE's gate bearer for almost three decades. In a span of 28 years, the Undertaker has won 15 championships. Besides the championships, The Deadman also has one of the most impressive streaks in professional wrestling. Undertaker had an undefeated streak of 21 matches at Wrestlemania, WWE's flagship annual event.

Rahul Dravid, on the other hand, is one of the finest batsmen India has ever seen. The Wall has scored 10,000+ runs in both Tests and ODIs. Known for his grit, Mr. Dependable has faced 31258 balls in Test cricket, highest by any player.


Both Undertaker and Rahul Dravid are known for helping other talents. Another interesting comparison between the two is that despite being two of the very bests, neither of them have been the face of their respective fields. While The Phenom was a crucial part of every era, he was never truly the face of the company. Dravid too never had the limelight as the spotlight for the best batsman was often on another cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar.

#2 Seth Rollins and Virat Kohli

Both Seth Rollins and Virat Kohli are the marquee players in WWE and cricket respectively.

Seth Rollins is considered by many as one of the best wrestlers in the world. From time and time again, Rollins has managed to steal the show with his incredible performance. Ever since the departure of Roman Reigns, The Kingslayer has been one of the only positives of Monday Night Raw despite the degrading quality of the show.

Virat Kohli, similar to his counterpart, has been ruling the field of cricket for a long time. 'King Kohli' is already considered as one of the greatest despite having so much cricket left in him. Just like how Rollins has been carrying Raw, Virat too has lead team India to numerous historic victories.


Both Virat Kohli and Seth Rollins are marquee players in their field and are destined to reach much greater heights in the future.

#1 John Cena and MS Dhoni

Both John Cena and MS Dhoni have been leaders in their field for a long period of time.

John Cena has been the face of WWE for more than a decade. Since his debut in 2002, John Cena has won a record 25 championships in WWE including 16 reigns as a world champion. The Cenation Leader is one of the biggest stars produced by the company.

MS Dhoni, on the other hand, is a living legend himself. Dhoni has proved his mettle not just as a batsman and a wicketkeeper but also a captain. After taking over the captaincy in limited overs in 2007, 'Mahi' has lead the Indian team to one of their biggest victories. Dhoni is the first captain to win all the 3 ICC trophies in limited overs. As a batsman, Dhoni is regarded as one of the best finishers.

However, all good things come to an end as both Cena and Dhoni are way past their prime. While the Franchise Player has become a part-time superstar, Dhoni has stepped down from captaincy and has announced his retirement from Test cricket. The day is not far when both these legends adieu to the sport they so dearly love.


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