MS Dhoni is one of the players who loves a good giggle during IPL games

Five most humourous instances in IPL history

The IPL has left a lasting impression on fans during its 12-year history where we've witnessed thrilling finishes, gripping spells, and of course, monstrous sixes. The stakes are pretty high in this T20 league, which hardly offers opportunities for light-hearted exchanges.

However, there have been a few occasions on the pitch that have helped us experience the lighter side of closely contested IPL games. On that note, let us look at five of the funniest moments in the history of IPL.


Five most humourous moments in IPL history:

#1: Shikhar Dhawan's dance moves at the crease

Shikhar Dhawan pretending to leave the crease during Ashwin's over.

Let us have a quick recap of the Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals IPL game before recounting this incident.


Chasing 185 for victory in their first game of the IPL season, Rajasthan Royals were cruising at 108/1 in the 13th over. Ravichandran Ashwin then took a controversial step at this moment by 'mankading' the imperious Jos Buttler. Buttler had smashed the Punjab bowlers for ten fours and two sixes, with the move from Ashwin construed as a desparate and 'unsportsmanlike' act.

Ashwin had made a similar attempt to run out Shikhar Dhawan of Delhi Capitals during a run-chase of 164. One bizarrely funny fact is that the attempt was made at the same score as it was when the Royals were batting before Butler was mankaded - 108/1. Shikhar Dhawan looked at Ashwin while he delivered the ball and put on some hilarious stutter steps at the non-striker's end.

The Kotla crowd cheered heartily to Dhawan's antics as he pulled off a light-hearted moment in the middle of a tense run-chase in the IPL. The incident can be seen by clicking here.

#2: Ravindra Jadeja's unbelievably funny six

Both batsman and bowler were on the ground after Jadeja hit Stokes for a six in an IPL game.

Don't get this wrong. It was an insanely good shot by Sir Ravindra Jadeja in a fever-pitch last over against Rajasthan in an IPL game. Chennai Super Kings needed 18 runs to win off Ben Stokes' over, with Jadeja and MS Dhoni at the crease.

On the first ball, Stokes aimed for the wide-line, away from Jadeja's reach. The left-handed batsman stretched and connected with the meat of the bat, and the ball sailed over the straight boundary for a six. The funny aspect to the shot was that Jadeja lost his balance completely and fell over, and so too Ben Stokes in his follow-through. The frame of Jadeja and Stokes on the ground, with both staring at the ball, broke the internet.

To spice it up even further, MS Dhoni never once glanced at the ball and shot off his crease for a run, gesticulating to Jadeja to complete the run. Once he saw the ball travelling over the fence, however, the CSK captain was all smiles as he exchanged words with Jadeja. The commentary box too burst into very audible laughter.

All of this happened while 12 runs were needed of five balls to win the game.


#3: King Kohli bows down to Sarfaraz Khan

Virat Kohli bows down to Sarfaraz Khan after his quickfire knock

Virat Kohli is indeed one of the finest batsman in world cricket right now, and the case wasn't much different back in 2015 as well. Although a fiery and exuberant character on the pitch, Virat Kohli's funny and cheerful side was there for all to see during this incident.

In an IPL 2015 game, after AB de Villiers was run out for 57 against Rajasthan Royals, a 17-year-old Sarfaraz Khan walked out to bat. The youngster played a belligerent knock of 45* off 21 balls that propelled RCB to a score of 200.

When the youngster walked off the pitch at the end of the innings, he was met at the boundary by his captain who bowed down to him with both hands folded in admiration. Ravi Shastri shared a fine laugh over it on commentary and even provided a phrasing of what Kohli might have said:

"Namaste ji! Well played."

#4: David Warner's flying kiss to Kieron Pollard

If Pollard is on a cricket field, entertainment is never too far away.

If Kieron Pollard is on a cricket field, things can never get too soporific. How can we forget the moment when he exited the field during an IPL game and came back with a piece of tape over his mouth? The frivolous exchanges Kieron Pollard has had with Dwayne Bravo, MS Dhoni and few others over the years make him one of the IPL's most entertaining characters.

In IPL 2013, it was David Warner who had a tussle with the big West Indian. After initially exchanging a few words and a ball that Warner missed after swinging at it, Pollard walked up to the Australian to say something.

Warner's response? A flying kiss to the Caribbean man in a typical Aussie way. However, Kieron Pollard didn't miss an opportunity to provide a ripping riposte.

Pollard reacted with a hilarious facial gesture that seemed to say - "Ewwwww....."

It was tet another episode to add to Pollard's funny chronicles in the IPL.

#1: MS Dhoni's first Test wicket!

It is better not to get into an exchange with MS Dhoni as Kevin Pietersen found out the hard way.

MS Dhoni is known for his presence of mind and witty humour that he flaunts frequently during his press conferences. In IPL 2017, Kevin Pietersen sitting in the commentary box, decided to hit a wise crack through the mic-ed up Manoj Tiwary to be conveyed to the former Indian captain.

Kevin Pietersen said:

Looking good, mate! Can you do me a favour? Can you just whisper in MS's ear that I am a better golfer than him, please?

Manoj Tiwary did what was asked of him. And as always, Dhoni's response was instantenous and witty, and it left the commentary box bursting with laughter.

"He is still my first Test wicket!" - an audacious MS Dhoni spoke through Manoj Tiwary's mic. Kevin Pietersen was left pleading his innocence by saying: "It was a referral."

Although, MS Dhoni didn't dismiss Pietersen as the on-field call was overturned, his response won over the fans yet again. This incident recently came up during Virat Kohli's online video chat with the Englishman.

It is perhaps the funniest IPL moment in history, and it was no surprise that it involved MS Dhoni!

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