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Flaunt it when you got it: These Indian cricketers can be supermodels (Image courtesy: Instagram)

From Virat Kohli to KL Rahul, 5 Indian cricketers who can be supermodels

What do cricket and modeling have in common? Let's perhaps start with how good some of the players look, not just while showcasing their talents on the field, but also with the swag they carry on and off it.

It isn't just their batting that's handsome or their bowling that sets hearts racing. Some of the players in the Indian team are incredibly smart, savvy, and downright handsome, making them hearthrobs.


Some of them even love showcasing their fashion sense, making them potential supermodels. We take a look at five of them who have been on point with their looks and sense of fashion.

#1 Virat Kohli, more than just cricket


Intense, sharp, and chiseled, Virat Kohli fits the bill, be it modeling for suits or beach shorts. The 33-year-old has become a fashion icon over the last few years after he went from being a pudgy player to a lean, mean machine.

Adding to this is the impish charm that makes him lovable and absolutely eye-catching. A look at Kohli's Instagram profile shows his sense of style and class — the same traits he brings to his game on the cricket field.


#2 Manish Pandey

He may not be playing much cricket for India these days, but there's more to Manish Pandey than his athleticism and breathtaking batsmanship. The Karnataka batter looks drop-dead gorgeous and is one of the more handsome cricketers out there.

Like Kohli, Pandey has the musculature and the intensity that would make him a runaway hit in a modeling competition. And yeah ladies, he can look dapper in a blazer.


#3 Devdutt Padikkal

Devdutt Padikkal was an instant sensation when he made his IPL debut for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in IPL 2020. He was an instant hit on Instagram too, with a lot of attention from female fans.

Young, dynamic, and well-built, Padikkal also comes with a natural boy-next-door look that makes him perfect for a modeling career. It shouldn't come as a surprise if he's endorsing some of the finest brands in the near future.

#4 Shreyas Iyer


Shreyas Iyer radiates confidence — a key personality trait of a model, and that, coupled with some sharp features, makes him a perfect rolemodel.

Like the aforementioned cricketers, Iyer has the looks, the million-dollar smile, and some dancing skills to give the actual models and celebs a run for their money. His charisma further adds to his advantage, giving him an edge over other supermodels.

#5 KL Rahul


Tattoos, close-cut hair, and a beard game that competes with the likes of Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja. KL Rahul is an absolute rockstar, making him one of the perfect models who can adorn billboards and pages of newspapers and magazines.

Rahul's unique sense of style and his perenially-relaxed look just adds to his popular appeal and qualifies him as the perfect supermodel. Not to forget, his real-life pairing with Bollywood actress Athiya Shetty has added to his superstar status.

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