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Mumbai Indians were the champions of IPL 2013

IPL Stats: Most sixes for each team in IPL 2013

The sixth edition of the Indian Premier League was held between April 3, 2013 and May 26, 2013. A total of 76 matches were played between 9 teams with each team playing against each other at least twice.


Chennai Super Kings topped the table with Mumbai Indians finishing second and Rajasthan Royals third. The final was played between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata, with the former crowned champions for the first time.

There were some very impressive performances with the bat as well as the ball, but let us take a look at most sixes from each team.

9. Yusuf Pathan: Kolkata Knight Riders (14 sixes)

Yusuf Pathan

2013 was a forgettable year for Kolkata Knight Riders as they finished the year at number 7 in the points table and hardly posed any threat for the opposition. Coming into the tournament as the defending champions, fans had high hopes from them.

However, regular injuries and lack of consistency from their core group of players ensured their early exit from the league. One of the few players, who enjoyed a good season from KKR's camp was Yusuf Pathan. Coming in as a finisher at the latter part of the innings, Pathan had the complete authority to go after the bowlers and to get those crucial runs during the death overs.


He hit a total of 14 sixes in the entire tournament, which may not sound much, but considering the number of balls he faced at the death overs, it is pretty impressive. Some of those hits helped his team in getting away with close victories and to stay in the tournament as a title contender for a bit longer.

8. David Warner: Delhi Daredevils (14 Sixes)

David Warner

Like KKR, Delhi Daredevils was another team that could not replicate the heroics of the previous year as they finished the season at the bottom of the points table. Players like Kevin Pietersen, Mahela Jayawardene and Virender Sehwag struggled with the form consistently and it gave young players like David Warner an added responsibility, who tried to fulfil it to a certain extent.

David Warner tried his best to score those crucial runs at the start of the innings after the failure of the top order on multiple occasions. He hit a total of 14 sixes in the entire tournament and took a special liking to Mumbai Indian and Pune Warriors India against whom he scored 4 sixes each in one inning.

7. Thisara Perera: Sunrisers Hyderabad (14 Sixes)

Thisara Perera

The story of Thisara Perera and Yusuf Pathan in 2013's IPL is similar to a certain extent. Like Yusuf, Perera too used to come at the latter part of the innings to score some crucial runs in the form of boundaries. But unlike KKR, Sunrisers Hyderabad enjoyed a decent tournament, thus all the responsibility did not fall in the youngster's hand and he used to play his shots freely.

He hit a total of 14 sixes, most of which came in big chases. He didn't have a big innings to show against his name, but those were as important as Shikhar Dhawan's fifties and Amit Mishra's economical spells.

6. Aaron Finch: Pune Warriors India (16 Sixes)

Aaron Finch

Pune Warriors India didn't have the kind of a farewell season that they would have been hoping for. Finishing the tournament at number 8, they had the most forgettable stint in IPL. Despite having some good T20 players like Yuvraj Singh, Steve Smith and Robin Uthappa, the team couldn't capitalize on the star power.

They are remembered for sixes that year, but not in the way they would have liked. PWI conceded the most number of sixes in 2013 and most of them came from the bat of Chris Gayle, who scored 17 sixes in one inning alone.


Aaron Finch hit the most number of sixes (16) for them, but they were scored in tandem and he found it difficult to take benefit from his hitting power. He provided the start to his team by transferring the pressure to his oppositions by those big shots in the power play but rarely found his foot in the middle overs.

5. Shane Watson: Rajasthan Royals (22 Sixes)

Shane Watson

2013 was the breakout year for Sanju Samson, who came into the league as an unknown commodity and became of everyone's favourite by the end of the season. He overshadowed many great players like Rahul Dravid and Ajinkya Rahane with his shot selection and ability to handle pressure.

But, despite that, he couldn't cloud Shane Watson, who was still was playing like it is 2008 and ensured a swift ride for them till the playoffs.

Despite playing most of his matches in India's biggest ground, Shane Watson took a special liking to Jaipur's stadium and pounded the ball in the crowd on many occasions. He hit a total of 22 sixes that year and gave his team a start that they needed.


4. David Miller: Kings XI Punjab (24 Sixes)

David Miller

2013 was another season for Kings XI Punjab, where they were again grappling to break into the top 4. On paper, they had a decent T20 team consisting of players like Adam Gilchrist, David Hussey, Piyush Chawla and Ryan Harris. However, they were failing to execute a good performance on a regular basis.

In such a situation, a youngster in the form of David Miller stood up to the challenge. He couldn't turn the fate of his team but managed to leave his mark on the fans. Batting in the middle-order, Miller always had a difficult role to pay, which he did quite swiftly. He hit a total of 24 sixes, most of which came at the death overs.

He even scored a century while chasing against Royal Challengers Bangalore in which he hit 7 sixes, in a winning cause.

3. MS Dhoni: Chennai Super Kings (25 Sixes)

MS Dhoni

2013 was just like any other year for Chennai Super Kings as they entered the tournament's final for the fourth consecutive year and their journey to the final was a smooth ride as they finished the league stage at the top of the points table and lost just 5 matches in the process. One of the players who were responsible for this outcome was their captain, MS Dhoni.

He played the role of anchoring the innings from the middle order and always came in handy against the fast bowlers. He hit a total of 25 sixes throughout the course of the tournament, 5 of which came at the finals against Mumbai Indians. They lost the match at the end, but Dhoni's determination and presence kept them in the race throughout the match.

2. Kieron Pollard: Mumbai Indians (29 Sixes)

Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard had the time of his life in IPL 2013 playing for the Mumbai Indians. He always stood up to the challenge whenever his team needed him. Coming in as a finisher, he had the tendency to go after the bowlers from the first ball itself, which served him well as he hit a total of 29 sixes throughout the tournament, 8 of which came against a bowling-heavy Sunrisers Hyderabad in Wankhede.


Just like MS Dhoni, Pollard ensured that they always had a chance in the game till the last ball and was always ready to do the hard work and take to risks for his team. He was the only player that year to hit more sixes than fours (Among players who hit 20+ sixes).

1. Chris Gayle: Royal Challenger Bangalore (51 Sixes)

Chris Gayle

2013 was the year in which the batting prowess, going by the name of Chris Gayle, could not do anything wrong. Many fans remember that year of IPL just by the innings and shots that Gayle played on his way of scoring 708 runs.

He broke many records that year and completed the season by hitting the most number of sixes. There was not a bowler who could relax and there was not a team who could contain this man. He hit a total of 51 sixes, which was 22 more than second-placed Pollard.

Speaking of the sixes, he also holds the record for hitting the most number of sixes in one inning (17 against PWI) and hitting the longest six (119 meters) in the IPL 2013.

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