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“What are you trying to prove?” - Aakash Chopra questions Litton Das for calling back Ish Sodhi 

Former Indian batter Aakash Chopra has criticized Bangladesh skipper Litton Das for calling back Ish Sodhi after he was run out at the non-striker’s end for backing up too far during the second ODI in Dhaka on Saturday, September 23. According to Chopra, the dismissal was within the rules of the game, so there was no question of invoking the spirit of cricket.

The Sodhi incident reignited the debate over the non-striker leaving his crease too early. Hasan Mahmud ran out Sodhi for backing up too far after which the batter mockingly clapped with his bat. However, following a discussion, Das called back the New Zealand batter. In a rather bizarre scene, Sodhi and the bowler then exchanged a warm hug.


During a discussion on his YouTube channel, Chopra expressed his vehement disapproval of Das’ decision to call Sodhi back.

“I have got a problem. I have two issues - one, why are you moving out of the crease? Also, to the western world, who always talk about spirit of cricket, trying driving at the speed of 120 kmph in an area where the limit is 60 kmph and then say that you made a mistake. The laws are so strict that even if you do something by mistake, you are fined for it. So please don’t teach us. Look at yourself in the mirror first," he said.
“The problem is that the fielding team’s captain calls the player back thinking people will not feel good. Who will not feel good? What are you trying to prove? Destigmatize this. What is within the laws cannot be against the spirit of the game. As simple as that,” Chopra added, concluded his thoughts on the matter.
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Sodhi, who was batting on 17 when the incident happened, went on to score 35 as New Zealand posted 254. He then claimed 6/39 as the Kiwis hammered Bangladesh by 86 runs.


Tamim Iqbal disagrees with decision to call back Sodhi

Interestingly, senior Bangladesh batter Tamim Iqbal disagreed with the decision to call back Sodhi after he was run out for moving out of his crease too early.

He opined that calling a batter back after running him out doesn’t look good.

"I don't see anything wrong in it. The rule is there. If we get someone out, or one of us gets out in that manner, I don't think we should react the way people are reacting nowadays. If it is a team decision that we will take wickets in this way, we will. If we don't want to take it, we will not try it. I don't think it looks good to bring back a batter after getting him out. Either we take it, or we don't do it," Tamim said after the game.”
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Meanwhile, Bangladesh are taking on New Zealand in the third ODI in Dhaka on Tuesday.

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