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Five athletes who can be great cricketers

Ronaldo to Djokovic: 5 players who would be brilliant at cricket

Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo scampering for a quick double in cricket. Or a Novak Djokovic serve that comes close to the ball being slapped towards long off. While these are legends in their own sport, visualizing them as cricketers isn't much of a stretch.

Like the duo, we can pick some names from various sports and see how they fit in as cricketers.


This article takes a shot at reimagining some of the athletes playing different sports as cricketers.

#1 Novak Djokovic playing cricket

He can serve, he can slam and he's quick on the court. That should be proof enough that Djokovic can play another sport that comes a bit closer to what he does with the racquet.

Plus, those built forearms make it easier for him to play wristy flicks.


#2 Cristiano Ronaldo

Like we said at the start of the story, imagine Ronaldo haring between the wickets.

With his exemplary fitness levels, the footballer could easily qualify for a middle-order bat who can find the odd boundaries and also be lightning quick on the field.


#3 Usain Bolt

He may have retired from track and field, but his love for cricket hasn't. A runner with that powerful physique and good sense of the game can be an explosive opener or better yet, a solid all-rounder.

#4 Cam Newton


The New England Patriots QB has a frame that puts him on par with power-hitters like Chris Lynn and Kieron Pollard. It's not hard to imagine Newton smashing sixes at will in an IPL match.

What sets Newton apart from hard-hitters is that he's equally fast and that makes him a valuable edition to any team.

#5 Daniel Ricciardo

The Aussie F1 driver once claimed he was the most shredded guy on the circuit. True as that is, his reflexes and his gung-ho attitude make him seem like one of those blokes who could be terrific fielders, especially in the deep.

Plus, he's friends with Marcus Stoinis, so he's not new to the game.

Who are some of the other athletes you think can be the perfect fit to play cricket? Let us know in the comments section below.

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