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5 best Cookie Run: Kingdom teams in 2022

Cookie Run: Kingdom's library of characters has grown to over 100, post the release of the latest Cookies. They are divided into eight classes, differentiated by their skill type. The unique capabilities of Cookies are the proximal reason behind the constant innovation in the meta and very few recurring teams in PvP matches.

To become a Cookie Run: Kingdom pro, experimenting with various team compositions and builds is undoubtedly an essential step, however, doing this does not guarantee victory. Some teams can significantly boost a player's chances of success in the current PvP and PvE meta of the game.


Top 5 teams for campaign and arena in Cookie Run: Kingdom


Players should note that all Cookies mentioned here are extremely worthy investments, but trying to put together a set of whichever Cookies players have from the ones listed here is not a surefire winning strategy for Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Players are free to experiment with the mentioned teams as they see fit, but the gameplay itself has been structured so that each Cookie on a team must complement the others for optimum performance in Cookie Run: Kingdom.


Here are some of the best Cookie Run Kingdom teams that players can use this year:

1) Double Tank

It is said that Hollyberry Cookie leading a charge onto the battlefield is the most inspiring view... A view that inspires to repay with trust to those who put trust in you. 🤩🛡
4:45 AM · Sep 10, 2021

Front: Hollyberry Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen and Sea Fairy Cookie

Rear: Cotton Cookie

Two Defense Cookies at the front to knock back the enemies and deal an initial round of damage, and two DPS in the middle to finish them off with a healer restoring their HP before the next round of enemies arrives. For the PvP matches in Cookie Run: Kingdom, this should mean the enemy team is in a cooldown.

Here, the presence of Hollyberry and Strawberry Crepe is vital, with the DPS characters being open to change as per the player's playstyle. A good healer who can preferably also deal some damage, like Cotton or the new Eclair Cookie, is also required for maximum output in this Cookie Run: Kingdom team.

2. Summoner Comp

Front: Snow Sugar Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen Cookie and Pumpkin Cookie

Rear: Pure Vanilla Cookie and Cotton Cookie

"Summoner" here refers to the Cookies on the team which can conjure allies on the battlefield to fight alongside them like Snow Sugar and Pumpkin Pie do.


This allows the Cookies to have higher survivability as they are secure on their end and their summoned allies are behind enemy lines. Also, note the definite emphasis on Cookies who have "stun" capabilities here, as a summoned ally has a lower ATK power, so a stunned enemy is easier for them to deal with.

The two healers in the back are the most important here as they have to constantly keep up the HP of the DPS characters as the entire Front and Mid lines are focused on dealing damage.

If Pure Vanilla is not available, a Parfait or a Herb Cookie can be brought into the mix. This team is more effective in the PvE aspect of Cookie Run: Kingdom than PvP.

3) Sorbet-Cocoa

This rookie pirate is always so cheerful, even in the salty ocean winds! 🏴‍☠️ Make way for Sorbet Shark Cookie and their bubble sounds! 🦈
11:09 AM · Aug 2, 2021

Front: Cocoa Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie

Rear: Parfait Cookie and Cotton Cookie

Cocoa takes up a defense/healer role here alongside Parfait and Cotton from the rear, who are supporting the Middle line deal as much damage as they can for as long as they can. Cocoa's tank-like presence allows her to knock back enemies, heal allies, and apply various buffs simultaneously.

Toppings will have to be chosen as per individual playstyle, but a lower cooldown and higher DMG rating should be the main focus of all upgrades and toppings for this particular Cookie Run: Kingdom team.

4) Charge Comp


Front: Tea Knight Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Middle: Eclair Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie

Rear: Pure Vanilla Cookie

This is the new meta team after the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom update, including the new Cookies and some older fan favorites. Here, Strawberry Crepe will knock back the enemies and deal some damage, allowing Tea Knight and Sorbet Shark to rush into enemy lines and deal significant damage.

Eclair takes up a Support/DPS role here with her HP shield, allowing Tea Knight and Sorbet to charge in as much as possible while dealing DMG as well to help their efforts. Pure Vanilla ensures none of these Cookies die out before completing the level.

5) New Cheese Comp


Front: Tea Knight Cookie and Cocoa Cookie.

Mid: Sea Fairy Cookie and Eclair Cookie.

Rear: Frost Queen Cookie

Cheese Comps had been mainly edited out of the Cookie Run: Kingdom meta after the release of several nerfs to Kumiho Cookie, but they have recently seen a new surge after the January 19 update.

Here, Tea Knight and Cocoa will hold down the Front, and all three Cookies in Mid and Rear will deal maximum damage and finish off their enemies before the Front line's survivability ceases.

The new Cookie Run: Kingdom update made finding the appropriate toppings for this particular team easier. Players can switch out Cocoa from the front, leave Tea Knight at the Front alone, and add a healer cookie at the back if they feel survivability is a problem.

The Insignia of Indomitable Knights treasure is an optional but helpful addition to this Cookie Run: Kingdom team. Players should stay tuned to this space for all the details on the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom updates and releases.


These were some of the best and most useful teams that players can form in the game and can help them win more matches as they progress.

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