Get Clash of Clans December Gold Pass for free (Image via Supercell)

5 best ways to earn Clash of Clans Gold Pass for free

Clash of Clans has released its December Gold Pass and new season reward track, offering exciting in-game items like the new legendary Gingerbread Warden skin, Season and Builder Bank multipliers, and Rune of Gold. These rare articles are acquired via the premium-subscription Gold Pass. Free players with the Silver Pass often miss out on such premium items.

Fret not, as this article will discuss the five best ways by which you can acquire the Gold Pass in Clash of Clans without spending a single penny.


How to get Clash of Clans December Gold Pass for free

1) Play Points

Earn Play Points on the Google Play Store for a free Gold Pass (Image via Play Store)

The Google Play Store can be your greatest aid in getting a free COC Gold Pass. This online market assigns tasks that must be completed within certain days, such as installing or using a pre-installed application and submitting a review to the Play Store based on your experience.


Completing these tasks yields Play Points that can be cashed out or redeemed with various in-app commodities, such as COC's Gold Pass. However, while installing and using these applications, users should stay cautious, as some of them can be addictive or involve money wagering.

2) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Rewards (Image via Play Store)

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most popular mediums to get freebies in any title, and Clash of Clans is no exception. This app asks you to submit your views on the simple in-app surveys it regularly conducts. It also asks users to submit feedback upon visiting any famous place, which is rewarded with Google Play Credits or iTunes Gift Cards.

These credits can be cashed out or redeemed with various in-app or in-game articles, such as Clash of Clans Gold Pass.

3) Redeem codes

Another preferred way to acquire free premium commodities in any title is by redeeming codes. Although these codes aren't found easily, one should always watch out for them.

These codes can produce premium in-game currencies like Clash of Clans Gems. If you get lucky, they can also help you acquire the Gold Pass for free.

4) Money-earning applications

Several applications let you play games or complete designated tasks to earn in-app tokens. Installing such apps leaves you with their pre-existing currencies that you increase by playing more games or through wagering. After exceeding a certain threshold, you can cash out these tokens and use them to buy the Gold Pass.


Note that these applications should be used with the utmost caution, as needless to say, they posit chances of losing real money and are more likely to be addictive.

5) Google Play Games offers

Finally, Google Play Games frequently announces lucrative offers to help you acquire the Gold Pass for free. Recently, as a reward for installing the application on a PC, it offered INR 830 off on first purchases in any title.

Many players make the most of the offer by getting the December Gold Pass for free. However, it was exclusively available for PC gamers for a limited period. Nevertheless, you can watch out for more such offers that the application can announce in the future.

Currently, Google Play Games offers INR 120 off on any in-game purchases for PC gamers, available until December 31, 2023. PC gamers looking forward to buying the Gold Pass in Clash of Clans should consider the offer.

COC will likely release Town Hall 16 in the upcoming update. To learn more about this, click on the given link.

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