The coolest weapons in video games (Images via Assassin's Creed and God of War)

5 coolest looking weapons in video game history

Over the past decade, video gamers have seen some incredible weapon designs that soon became as iconic as some of the main characters in the narrative. Most of these weapons look incredible and are some of the most satisfying tools to use, especially with the abilities and movesets they come with.

With so many iconic weapons introduced in video games over the years, a few of them are much more memorable than the rest.


Hence, today’s list will talk about 5 of the coolest weapons in video game history that players had the good fortune of getting their hands on and completely destroying the enemy with it.

Note: The list of weapons mentioned below is subjective and reflects the writer's personal opinions on the matter. It is in no way a universal consensus that reflects the feelings of the wider community and should therefore not be taken as such.


The coolest weapons in video games


1) Hidden Blade (Assassin’s Creed)

Hidden Blades are some of the coolest weapons in video games (Image via Assassin's Creed Valhalla)

The Assassin’s Creed franchise wouldn’t have been what it is without this iconic pair of concealable blades, which are central to not just the gameplay but the core narrative of the series.

The Hidden Blade is the signature weapon of the Assassin Brotherhood members, designed to assassinate foes as silently as possible. It consists of a blade that can be extended and retracted from the gauntlet and is one of the most versatile and portable tools in an assassin’s arsenal.


Apart from the assassination purposes, the Hidden Blade also plays a sort of ceremonial status whose importance goes back to the Achaemenid Empire in the video game series. This is why the weapon is integral to the creed itself, as well as how the brotherhood generally tends to operate.


Eliminating targets with this weapon draws little to no attention, and the technique that assassins have developed over the years ensures near-instantaneous death.

2) Blades of Chaos (God of War)

The Chaos Blades has some of the smoothest movesets in video games (Image via God of War)

Forged at the darkest depths of the underworld by Ares himself, the Blades of Chaos is another iconic weapon in the God of War franchise and is considered by many in the community to be one of the coolest weapons ever made.

The weapon's movesets are also unique to the weapon itself, and Santa Monica Studios was able to take things up a notch with the weapon in the recent God of War reboot.


The blades themselves are imbued with fire, allowing the wielder to ignite it with every attack. It’s capable of stretching out a good distance with every attack and allows for incredibly smooth and fluid movement.

The chains of the blades are also permanently seared onto the forearms of the wielder, serving as a reminder of the oath Kratos made to Ares. The chain will only be removed by the God of War himself, or when servitude to him has concluded, or when the wielder himself dies.

3) Moonlight Greatsword (Dark Souls)

The Moonlight Greatsword has one of the coolest designs in FromSoft history (Image via Dark Souls)

The Moonlight Greatsword is perhaps the most sought-after and popular weapon in the entirety of the Dark Souls franchise. The blue hue of the weapon makes it a sight to behold, and although its basic attack pattern is similar to other greatswords in the series, its heavy attacks stole the crowd.

While it’s a greatsword, the weapon primarily deals magic damage and scales off incredibly well with Intelligence. Its strong attacks, either one-handed or two-handed, release a magic-based projectile that slashes through enemies that it passes.


The attack cannot be blocked, and enemies who do try to block it will receive the full damage of the attack as it cuts through and explodes after hitting a wall.

The Moonlight Greatsword comes in handy for a variety of situations in the Dark Souls video games. Every FromSoftware title has a rendition of the weapon (except Sekiro), making it not just the coolest but also the most iconic weapon for their video games.

4) Pandora (Devil May Cry)

Pandora is one of the most unique weapons in video games (Image via Devil May Cry 4)

Today’s list will not be complete if it does not touch on Dante and his Pandora. It’s one of the most unique weapons in the series, in the sense that it's a gray briefcase that can transform into 666 different weapons and forms.

Each weapon form is unique and devastating in its own right, some of which are powered by the weapon’s Disaster Gauge, which was built into it as one of its core functions.


While there are 666 different weapon forms, players are unfortunately allowed access to seven of them. Base, Epidemic, Hatred, Revenge, Jealousy, Argument, and Grief. Each form has unique animations and feels incredibly cool to use, as they bring something distinct to the table.

It’s also potentially one of the most powerful weapons in Dante’s arsenal, whose raw damage is only surpassed by Gilgamesh.

5) Energy Sword (Halo)

The Energy Sword is one of the strongest melee weapons in video games (Image via Halo Infinite)

Another iconic entry to the list will be the Halo Energy Sword, which is design-wise often considered to be the coolest melee weapon in video game history. The weapon consists of a curved hilt that houses an energy storage module. A small function is built into it that helps it project the plasma in the form of a blade.

The blade itself is created with a free-moving electron-based gas that is held in the weapon’s form with the help of two magnetic-field generators.

The energy sword is a one-hit, one-kill weapon and is considered the most powerful weapon a Spartan can possess. A single slash from it will be able to penetrate the energy shield and dig into the flesh of a Spartan or a Sangheili dealing fatal damage.

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