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Jill gets ready to fire the FINGeR in the Resident Evil 3 video game remake (image via Capcom)

5 most powerful weapons you got to use only once in video games

In video games, especially ones centered around action and adventure, weapons are the player’s tools to use against enemies, to deal damage and ultimately kill them off. Whatever route a video game might take, its general weapon set, available throughout the main story, and campaign gives players a decent shot at taking on the various enemies.

These weapons will generally deal moderate damage and will require a cool down or reload time, which makes it capable of dealing with a decent amount of enemies at a time while keeping the combat fair. Yet, there is an ongoing trend in video games where the protagonist will come across a very powerful weapon at a crucial point in the story, which deals immense damage and rains down hellfire upon the enemies.


Generally used to fight bosses, more often than not, such weapons are given to the player only for a short duration and then quickly taken away to balance out the rest of the game. Here are five such examples of powerful weapons that the player got to use just once.

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5 ultimate weapons in video games which were only usable once

1. Orbital Strike - Mass Effect 3


In the final Mass Effect video game, Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard takes the fight directly to the Reapers and is able to take down a couple giant mechanical aliens along the main story, before the end of the game. One important instance of this to note is the final battle at the end of the mission titled Priority: Rannoch.

A Reaper base is located on the planet Rannoch, and Shepard and Co. must go down there, expose the base’s defences, and manually target the area for a bombardment strike from the Normandy. Things take a turn however, when it is revealed that the Reaper base is actually a fully functional live Reaper.

Shepard is not one to back down from a one-on-one fight and stands his ground against the giant from a distance. Still linked to the Normandy's weapon system, Shepard uses strategically timed orbital strikes to ultimately put an end to the mechanical monstrosity. This ability however, is not used again by the Commander later in the game, for reasons unknown.


2. Storm Ruler - Demon’s Souls


When players enter the boss fight arena of the Storm King in Demon's Souls, they are faced with an airborne enemy the size of a commercial airplane. Situated on a large cliffside, players can do little to reach this colossal stingray-like creature as it shoots projectiles at the player, while also dispatching flying minions to fight them.

Players are rightly flummoxed at what to do, but a little wandering about the cliffside will lead them to an item, which when picked up is revealed to be the claymore known as Storm Ruler. Once players might give the sword a swing, it shows them its true power.

Slicing through the air, its attack can create a wave that can hit the Storm King all the way up in the air, dealing some massive damage. This awesome power only lasts in this arena though, as once the Storm King boss fight is defeated, the sword becomes somewhat of an underpowered and obsolete weapon compared to others in the video game.


3. Bow of Light - Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild


In Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild video game, weapons are meant to be used tactically, as each weapon has a durability meter, which builds up with each strike, breaking when maxed out. Aside from the Master Sword, almost every weapon follows this rule, which is until Dark Beast Gannon shows up for a boss fight in the Hyrule fields.

It is at this point that princess Zelda herself blesses Link with the Deus Ex Machina, a weapon known as the Bow of Light. With infinite durability, this weapon is immune to breaking and players might be thrilled to finally have a weapon they can use without restraint, as the bow also features unlimited arrows.

Dealing 100 damage with each arrow, this bow is the only way to defeat Dark Beast Ganin, aiming at the glowing weak spots and taking immense chunks off his large health bar. However, once the boss is finally defeated, the game is essentially over, and the item is lost once the credits roll.


4. FINGeR - Resident Evil 3 Remake


By the end of Resident Evil 3, protagonist Jill Valentine is haggard, hot tempered and has had enough with the large monstrous Nemesis tyrant following her around everywhere. By this point in the video game, all she wants to do is kill it for good, and such an opportunity finally presents itself in Umbrella’s own hidden facility.

Chased by this bioweapon horror of a nightmare once more, Jill finds herself in a room with an experimental weapon. The Ferromagnetic Infantry use Next Generation Railgun or FINGeR is this weapon, seemingly designed to fry out-of-control bioweapons.

As this weapon is a massive gun larger than a rocket launcher and needs an entire room’s worth of batteries to fire, players cannot carry it with them.

But as the Nemesis shows up in this very room, Jill decides to blast it with the FINGeR. It takes two more shots, but seeing the charred, but most importantly, dead remains of the Nemesis is worth the trouble. It certainly was for Jill.


5. Yourself - Control


While playing Remedy's Control, players initially feel like the primary weapon in the video game is the Service Weapon, a gun-like device that can shoot projectiles in many forms. But after unlocking many powers and abilities for the protagonist and Director Jesse Faden, players will start to feel like an Omega level mutant (X-Men comics joke) and realise that indeed, they are the weapon.

With telekinesis throws, levitating and devastating but cool superhero landings, dashing in and out of cover, and mind control powers, players are more dangerous than a walking tank. But towards the very end of the game, when the HISS is about to take over, the supernatural entity known as The Board gives Jesse a significant power boost.

Lasting only for this last section of the video game, Jesse traverses through the Astral Plane, absolutely laying waste to any enemy that comes in her path, with her damage output being dialed up to 200%. Grunt enemies die in three shots, a launched projectile takes out nearly every enemy in a single hit and melee attacks immediately disintegrate base enemies. This power trip at the end worth the entire playthrough.

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