5 Twitch streamers who don't talk on livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 Twitch streamers who don't talk on livestream

Streaming can be a very lucrative opportunity for many streamers. Twitch has given many users the platform to grow and connect with their viewer base and audience.

One of the most efficient ways to keep one's audience engaged is by interacting with them verbally or non-verbally. Although the majority of streamers prefer to communicate with their audiences, there is a small section of streamers who choose not to.


There could be various reasons for not speaking on stream. Some of the reasons could be because the user wants to protect or conceal their's identity. Others use non-verbal communication because they might feel it is more pertinent to the content they share on the platform.

These streamers hardly ever utter any words from their mouths


1) Zentreya


Zentreya is among the biggest VTubers on the platform right now, with over 330K Twitch followers. The primary reason she is so popular is due to her personality and character. However, there is also an additional feature to her channel. She has never used her real voice to remain concealed from the internet. Instead, she uses a Text-to-Speech generator to communicate with her viewers.

Her personality is unique as well, with her character honing devil-like qualities. She occasionally confesses her desire to conquer and rule over the Earthly realm. According to VShojo's entry, she is:

"Very headstrong and tends to yell at everyone around her, but loves meeting new people!"


2) Monstercat

One way that a streamer can avoid speaking is if their content is related to music. Monstercat is presently the 2nd most followed musician on Twitch with a whopping 825K followers, just behind TPAIN, who has 852K followers. Monstercat's content includes him playing on a DJ mixer and streaming live music to his audience.


Although he has spoken a few times in his streams, 90% of his VODs contain music and the occasional lyrics. He averages a healthy 150 viewers per stream, most of whom join to enjoy his non-stop music streaming sessions.

3) IronAids


Although IronAids is currently inactive, he was among the streamers who did not use a mic for a long period. He is best known for being an Overwatch streamer and gamer.

Although not many of his private details were revealed, he did talk to his audience once while also revealing his face, which garnered a lot of positive reactions from his audience.

The American streamer has a YouTube and a Twitch account with over 3K subscribers and 39K followers, respectively.

4) Insomniac


The 2nd music channel to join the list is Insomniac, the 3rd most followed Twitch channel in the music section. According to its official website, Insomniac was founded by a businessman and producer, Pasquale Rotella, over 25 years ago. They have accumulated over 500K followers over the years, and just like their counterparts, they barely ever speak.

Their streams include various DJs playing remixes in multiple locations, such as his Park 'n Rave concert series.

5) DeafGamesTV


The final content creator on the list is a differently-abled streamer named Chris "DeafGamesTV." He presently has a modest number of followers with just over 4K. Chris started streaming back in 2011. However, he took a hiatus for a few years. After returning to streaming, he set the goal of teaching and encouraging streamers who have incurred some disability to stream on Twitch. He uses American sign language as a way to communicate with his audience.

Studios such as Ubisoft and Microsoft have welcomed him to speak about game connectivity, and he has even participated in panels at conferences such as TwitchCon and the Gaming Accessibility Conference to make people aware of differently-abled streamers.

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