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  • All 15 Fatui Operatives locations in Genshin Impact with Farming routes
All Fatui Operative farming locations and routes in Genshin Impact. (Image via Sportskeeda)

All 15 Fatui Operatives locations in Genshin Impact with Farming routes

Genshin Impact's latest 4.1 update introduced a new type of enemy called Fatui Operatives. These elite soldiers of the Snezhnayan organization are mighty foes who wield the powers of either Anemo or Cryo elements. Additionally, they can apply the Life Bond status effect on players, preventing them from recovering their HP during the battles.

Fatui Operatives drop Operative's Pocket Watches and Operative's Constancy when defeated, and players will require this item to level up some in-game weapons, including Wriothesley's upcoming 5-star Catalyst, called Cashflow Supervision.


At the time of writing, there are 15 Fatui Operative spawn locations in version 4.1, which you can visit to farm their drops. This guide will cover all their locations while also including ideal farm routes.

Genshin Impact Fatui Operative locations and Farming routes for Operative's Constancy materials

Frost Operative and Wind Operative - new Fatui enemies (Image via HoYoverse)

Fatui Operatives are an elite group of enemies introduced in version 4.1 of Genshin Impact and can be found in northern Fontaine. They drop the following items when defeated:

  • Old Operative's Pocket Watch (1-star and 2-star)
  • Operative's Standard Pocket Watch (3-star)
  • Operative's Constancy (4-star)

Their drops are required to level up certain in-game items, most notably, the signature weapon of the upcoming character, Wriothesley.

The following new weapons will require the drops from Fatui Operatives to level up:

  • Cashflow Supervision (5-star Catalyst)
  • The Dockhand's Assistant (4-star Sword)
  • Prospector's Drill (4-star Polearm)

Players can farm these new enemies at the following locations in Genshin Impact.

Location 1 - Mont Esus East

Fatui Operatives at Mont Esus East (Image via Sportskeeda)

The first farming route for Fatui Operatives in Genshin Impact is located at Mont Esus East. Travelers can encounter nine Wind and Cryo Operatives by visiting the locations marked on the map above. These elite enemies usually spawn by the coast.

Location 2 - New Fontaine Research Institute

Fatui Operatives New Fontaine Research Institute region (Image via Sportskeeda)

There are five locations to farm Fatui Operatives in the New Fontaine Research Institute region. Each of these spawn points is fairly close to Teleport Waypoints and is marked on the map above.

Location 3 - Near the Experimental Field Generator Boss

Fatui Operatives near Experimental Field Generator (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Fatui Operative also spawns near the Experimental Field Generator Boss monster. Players can use the Teleport Waypoint marked on the map above to reach this foe and defeat him for his drops.

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