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All upcoming changes in Forza Horizon 5 (Image via Playground Games)

All Forza Horizon 5 Accolade, Festive Playlist and Wheel Support changes to look out for in upcoming updates

Spring of 2022 is looking like an amazing time for Forza Horizon 5 fans, as Playground Games is looking to introduce a plethora of fixes and changes to the game.

The title has received a fair bit of criticism post-release, and the developers have been under fire for a lot of the prevalent issues in the game which was making it unplayable for many.

Here is a look at the #ForzaHorizon5 fixes we are working on to improve your gameplay experience: forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/for…
1:37 AM · Jan 12, 2022

Fortunately, Playground Games has its ears to the ground and is jotting down community feedback as it looks to fix the issue and make the game more engaging for the community.

In a recent community update post, the developers went over all the areas that they are currently working to improve. Here are some of the things that Playground Games will be looking to fix in Forza Horizon 5’s future patches.


All upcoming changes in Forza Horizon 5


1) More cars and events for Festival Playlist progressions

Festival Playlist incoming! Get ready for the seasons to change tomorrow and a whole new week of rewards. Where are you headed first?
12:28 PM · Jan 13, 2022

Festival Playlists are how Playground Games introduces new vehicles to the title. While the concept itself sounds wonderful on paper, the execution has been less than subpar, and the developers have received a good amount of criticism from players and community members.

Objectives have been incredibly buggy, not letting players complete the challenge, and a good portion of the rewards themselves were not something to boast about.


In future updates, the Forza Horizon 5 developers will not only look to fix the bugs but also retroactively reward players for the bugged Daily Challenges and treasure Hunts from previous Playlists.

2) No more buggy Accolades


Along with the challenges and missions, there were a lot of bugs surrounding the Accolades as well. Forza Horizon 5 provides players with thousands of Accolades that reward them for completing a variety of things in the game.

Unfortunately, a lot of these challenges were bugged, and players were having a tough time finding a way to complete them even if they were following guides.

Fixing the Accolade issue will be a top priority for Playground Games, and they will look to fix the accidental progress reset and fix some of the misleading descriptions that some of the challenges seem to be boasting.

3) Leaderboards won’t house cheaters


Just like any other competitive racing game, Forza Horizon 5 too, has its fair share of problems with cheaters.

The game’s leaderboard system is currently flawed as the top of the ladder is dominated by those players who use cheats and third-party applications to achieve high scores. Across PR Stunts, Rival events, and races, hack users have been dominating the scene and Playground Games has promised to look into the matter and remove the erroneous scores.

They will implement a better system that counters such exploits of the system and dish out strict punishment measures for hackers and third-party users.

4) Improved wheel support


While Forza Horizon 5 boasts better wheel support than previous iterations of the franchise, players, especially those on PC, have been facing a significant amount of issues surrounding it since the very first day of launch.

In the community update post, Playground Games did promise to look into the matter and make their latest title have better performance on both PC and the console. They will be actively looking at system crashes and missing force feedback issues as well, so players will be required to provide more feedback after every issue.

5) Addressing other major bugs and exploits

For the players and community members, Forza Horizon 5 has been a continuous story of game-breaking bugs and exploits. There have been a lot of issues plaguing the game, because of which the title saw a significant drop in daily users over the last couple of months.

Players are not happy with the current state of the game, and Playground Studios will need to fix a lot in the upcoming updates. Fortunately, the developers are aware of the community feedback and in the update, they have mentioned that they will improve the title’s state of play considerably in upcoming updates.

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