The three main Hive gods in the Destiny universe (Image via Bungie)

All the Hive Gods in Destiny

As of Witch Queen, the Hive has been pushed to the forefront of Destiny lore. Over the years, Guardians of Destiny have gone toe-to-toe with many big bads belonging to the Hive race, with Savathun being the latest.

Savathun is one of the Hive gods that the light-bearing Guardians have managed to defeat in the world of Destiny. Other than her, there are two more Hive gods and goddesses, namely Oryx and Xivu Arath. Their children are also regarded as Hive deities, but the three mentioned above are the main ones. Here's everything that there is to know about them.


All Hive Gods in Destiny lore



Oryx is only mentioned in Destiny 2, although he was an important figure in Destiny 1. Known as the Taken King, Oryx is one of the Hive Gods and a brother to Savathun.


Oryx can also be considered the embodiment of Greed and Gluttony. His desire to be the most powerful being in the entire system caused him to take power as and when he could. To an extent, he did turn into one of the most powerful beings in existence, only to be culled by a team of Guardians.

Of all the Hive gods in existence, Oryx was the one with the largest and the most elaborate bloodline, further solidifying the fact that he was power-hungry. Despite his fall, his legacy lived on as a part of the Touch of Malice, letting him feed off the powers of the enemies succumbing to the weapon.



As mentioned before, Savathun is the most recent Hive deity gamers went up against. She's known as the Hive God of cunning and trickery. She gains her power by deceiving other beings in the Universe.


Those who've been playing Destiny 2 for a while will know how Savathun deceived the entire Vanguard and stole their secrets while being disguised as Osiris. The whole Witch Queen campaign focused on Savathun trying to capture the Traveler, probably to protect it from the Witness and the Darkness.

That said, her acts of deception aren't new. Other than Osiris, she managed to exterminate the rest of Oryx's bloodline by using the Scarlet Keep as a beacon. Oblivious to Savathun's plans, the Vanguard saw the Hive swarming this beacon and eliminated them one by one.

As of now, Savathun's ghost is missing, but Savathun hasn't been revived yet, so no one is sure of her whereabouts. However, given that she's the Goddess of Cunning, there's a high chance she might be hiding somewhere, only to make her grand return later on.

Xivu Arath

Xivu Arath is the Hive God of Wrath. Unfortunately, not much is known about this god, nor have they seen her in either of the Destiny games till now. However, given how the current storyline progresses, there's a high chance that the Guardians might face Xivu Arath soon.

Some more dreamin of miss Xivu Arath

Unlike her siblings, Xivu Arath decided not to have a court for herself. She believes that she doesn't need a court because war is everywhere. Interestingly enough, it was Xivu Arath who was responsible for bringing the Cabal Empire to its knees. Although Savathun did manage to corrupt the Cabal leadership, Xivu Arath was the one to wage war against the empire and weaken it significantly.


That said, Xivu Arath could be the deadliest of the three Hive gods. Since her worship depends entirely upon acts of war and conflict, she may be able to draw power from the conquests of her siblings as well. Given that Oryx was part of a weapon and Savathun went on a deadly conquest against the Darkness and Xivu Arath herself, there's a high chance that Xivu Arath ended up amassing a lot of power thanks to her siblings.

Xivu Arath could possibly make a grand appearance during Lightfall in Destiny 2. No one knows how powerful she is, and she could be the strongest and deadliest foe the Vanguard has ever faced.

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