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This artwork has been used in past promos (Image via HoYoverse)

Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for Genshin Impact: How to generate Redeem Codes for free rewards

Amazon Prime Gaming members can claim free Redeem Codes for Genshin Impact. Odd-numbered bundles have historically included Primogems as rewards, while even-numbered bundles include Fragile Resins. The remaining items differ from one promo to another.

Travelers have two ways to get these Redeem Codes:

  1. Claim the code as an Amazon Prime Gaming member.
  2. Get a friend who's a subscriber to give your their code.

Either method works, but the former is far more consistent since it doesn't rely on other people. Just keep in mind that there isn't always an ongoing promotion for Amazon Prime Gaming rewards tied to Genshin Impact.


How to get Redeem Codes for Genshin Impact from Amazon Prime Gaming

The front page usually has random games highlighted here (Image via Amazon)

The first thing Genshin Impact players need to do is log in to their Amazon Prime Gaming account. If you're not currently a subscriber, then you can click on your name on the top right and go to Account Settings.

Use the purple "Manage" button to be transported to Amazon's website. You can:

  • Change your plan
  • Update payment information
  • Do something else with your account settings

Once you're a subscriber, you can go back to Amazon Prime Gaming and search for Genshin Impact.

Use the search bar to find this game (Image via Amazon, HoYoverse)

It is worth noting that you may not always find Genshin Impact here. There have been instances where no promotion has taken place. For example, from January 6 to December 13, 2022, there were no bundles for Travelers to claim.


Assuming you do find one on Amazon Prime Gaming, click on it. Afterward, a purple "Get in-game content" button should be visible on the new webpage. Click on that to get a Redeem Code, which you can use to get the rewards.

This is what the sixth bundle's webpage on March 2023 looked like (Image via HoYoverse, Amazon)

In case you lose the Redeem Code, just go back to the Amazon Prime Gaming website and search for the game again. The code will be the same, and you can copy it. Paste it into either the game or Genshin Impact's official website to be eligible for the rewards.

How to use Redeem Codes in Genshin Impact

The official website looks like this when you're using the codes (Image via HoYoverse)

Travelers can now use the code they've already copied on either the website (pictured above) or the game. It doesn't matter which one you use. The former is easier for most players, especially if they don't play the title on PC. Just make sure to log in and select the appropriate server before pasting the Redemption Code.

After you submit the code properly, check your in-game mail for whatever rewards were offered in the latest Prime Bundle. Just claim it to be done with everything and repeat all of the previous steps when the next promotional offer becomes available.

It is important to remember that Redeem Codes have an expiration date, so try to use them as soon as possible to get all the rewards on time.

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