Battlefield 2042 will be bringing back remastered maps from older games (Image by EA)
Battlefield 2042 will be bringing back remastered maps from older games (Image by EA)

Battlefield 2042 will be bringing back remastered maps from older games

Suryadeepto Sengupta

In the recent Future of FPS event, Christian Grass, GM of Ripple Effect Studios, hinted at a new game mode for Battlefield 2042 that will bring back classic maps.

Battlefield 2042, the 12th mainline Battlefield game, was revealed last month. The game takes the player back to the near future settings with big detailed maps. With the latest addition of dynamic weather, the gameplay promises to be more exciting than ever before.


At the reveal of Battlefield 2042, the team showcased the all-out warfare and mentioned Hazard's zone, as well as a third mode in development at Dice LA.

Ripple Effect Studios bringing older Battlefield maps

Dice LA was recently renamed Ripple Effect Studios. It was also confirmed that the studio is working on Battlefield 2042 and another unannounced project.


Leading up to EA Play Live on 22nd July 2021, EA hosted EA Spotlight Future of FPS with the main focus on Apex Legends and Battlefield 2042. The panel consisted of Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn and Group General Manager, Chad Grenier, Game Director of Apex Legends, Christian Grass, General Manager of Ripple Effect Studios, and Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of Dice.

During the panel, Christian Grass revealed that the redacted mode that Ripple Effect Studios is working on will bring back the remasters of classic Battlefield maps. This revelation lines up with what Tom Henderson, a well-known Battlefield insider, had said previously.

According to Tom Henderson, the mode, titled Battlefield Hub, not only brings remastered versions of older maps but also weapons and vehicles from previous Battlefield games.


According to him, the initial roster of maps are,

Metro - From Battlefield 3, and 4

Locker - From Battlefield 4

Wake Island - From Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, 2142, 1943, 3, and V

Siege of Shanghai - From Battlefield 4


Arica Harbor - From Battlefield Bad Company 2

Caspian Border - From Battlefield 3, and 4

The mode is being designed for an Ultimate Sandbox Experience. The developers are focusing on fun and enjoyment over competitive balance and ranking mode. If done correctly, the Battlefield Hub mode could pave the way for future FPS games to preserve the essence of the previous games.

Players can’t wait to learn more about the mode at EA Play Live on 22nd July 2021.

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