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5 best characters for beginners in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 has received considerable acclaim for its fresh gameplay mechanics, diverse modes, and an impressive roster of powerful fighters. Notably, it introduces the World Tour mode, which eases players into the world of fighting. The game also features the Drive System, which is a combat mechanic that enhances a player's ability to execute combos while providing defensive options and facilitating special attack use.

This aids in deflecting incoming moves and subsequently replenishing the Drive gauge. Additionally, Drive Impact is a move that enables games to perform counterattacks.


Street Fighter 6 includes a roster of 18 fighters, each possessing their own distinctive ability. However, not all of them are equally beginner friendly or easy to use. The following are five great characters that newcomers should take to battle to have a better chance of winning.

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5 best characters beginners should try out in Street Fighter 6

1) Marisa


Marisa, the latest addition to Street Fighter 6's roster, is super strong. She is an excellent choice if your aim is to deliver powerful attacks. Not only does Marisa excel in dealing immense damage, but she also showcases impressive defensive capabilities through her adept use of heavy combos.

Additionally, her reach in combat is enhanced by her size, as each attack propels this entity's body forward. With her beginner-friendly chain attacks, Marisa generates an unstoppable onslaught that allows her to swiftly overpower opponents. In summary, this character will be invaluable due to her long-range strikes, heavy-hitting moves, and rush-down tactics.


2) Ryu

If beginners are uncertain about which fighter to choose, they can opt for Ryu without hesitation. This legendary fighter is equipped with strong fiery attacks like the Hadoken fireball that successfully shatter opponents. In addition, Ryu utilizes long-reaching strikes that allow him to advance while executing the attack.


Moreover, he showcases an extensive number of special moves and anti-air maneuvers, granting him a well-balanced combination of offense and defense. Ryu's techniques are both uncomplicated and impactful, making them readily understandable for players.

3) Ken


Ken is an ideal option in Street Fighter 6 for beginners seeking fighters who excel in employing aggressive attacks. He makes swift movements and utilizes fiery assaults. This character's attacks include kicks that bring him closer to his opponents and allow him to overpower their defenses, and create opportunities for more strikes.

Additionally, Ken's Jinrai Kicks can be highly advantageous in executing combos. He also possesses a distinctive command dash, activated by simultaneously using two kicks. This enables him to swiftly move forward and seamlessly execute special moves or an overhead kick.

4) JP


JP's regular attacks primarily consist of far-reaching moves capable of launching opponents into the air. He showcases impressive techniques such as the Departure, which creates a void; the Torbalan, a move that deploys clones; the Embrace grab; and the devastating Interdiction.

If players seek a fighter that excels in manipulating their opponents, JP is a good choice. With attacks like the Ranged Phantom — which can be used in multiple directions — the ability to summon crystals that act as projectiles, and more, this character can be used to execute potent combos.

5) Kimberly


In Street Fighter 6, Kimberly is an excellent choice for beginners whose goal is to execute impressive combos. She possesses a wide array of special moves that allow for creative gameplay as well. Her moves primarily incorporate a mix of agile martial arts and ninja tools, which add an element of unpredictability.

These maneuvers have the potential to disrupt the opponent's strategies and force them to re-evaluate their approach. Additionally, Kimberly's agility grants her an advantage in battle, enabling swift and speedy attacks. Beginners can also leverage her Shuriken Bomb ability to gain an early advantage in the opening stages of a fight.

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