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Best tips and tricks to earn more GP in eFootball 2024 Mobile (Image via Konami)

Best tips and tricks to earn more GP in eFootball 2024 Mobile

eFootball 2024 Mobile launched on September 7, 2023, with much buzz around the new features and events of the latest seasonal update of the franchise. The latest season brings new opportunities for players to collect GP and other resources. Completing events, campaigns, and daily missions are the best ways to earn GP. This virtual currency is used to buy standard player cards in the game, which is vital to start the new season with a loaded squad.

GP is easy to collect, and you can use the currency to buy valuable in-game items in the title. This article will explore the best tips and tricks to earn more GP in eFootball 2024 Mobile.


Easy ways to earn GP in eFootball 2024 Mobile

Logging in daily to the game


Players can earn GP easily by logging in daily to eFootball 2024 Mobile. The daily rewards contain ounces of GP to collect. Besides, Konami has decided to celebrate the release of eFootball 2024 in a flamboyant manner, allowing players to collect lucrative amounts of GP for a whole month. Players can earn around 360,000 GP and other rewards by participating in this launch event. This event will be available on the following dates:

  • 11/09/2023 (02:00 UTC) – 18/09/2023 (00:59 UTC)
  • 18/09/2023 (02:00 UTC) – 25/09/2023 (00:59 UTC)
  • 25/09/2023 (02:00 UTC) – 02/10/2023 (00:59 UTC)
  • 02/10/2023 (02:00 UTC) – 09/10/2023 (00:59 UTC)

Apart from this event, logging in daily will fetch you GP every day. Check the Daily Login section for getting GP every single day.

Completing campaigns

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The in-game campaigns provide rich rewards for the players. Completing campaigns in eFootball 2024 can earn you a large amount of GP. The developer introduced a time-limited Startup Campaign to help the players get enough resources to build a worthy squad. You can earn 400,000 GP and other rewards by completing the campaign. Mark the following dates to get the rewards:

  • 07/09/2023 (02:00 UTC) – 21/09/2023 (01:59 UTC)
  • 21/09/2023 (02:00 UTC) – 05/10/2023 (01:59 UTC)

Various other campaigns will be available in the game in the future. Participating and completing the missions will earn you large amounts of GP in eFootball 2024 Mobile.

Playing Matches

eFootball franchise has provided GP for playing matches in the previous installments. In eFootball 2024 Mobile, the method of earning GP through playing matches remains the same. Participate in online matches against different opponents or play against the computer to collect GP. Once you finish playing the fixture, the game will give you certain rewards, including GP. Winning the match will earn you more GP.

Moreover, various small missions in the game ask you to play with different technicalities, i.e., playing a match with an 80 OVR player, and so on. Playing these matches provides a commendable amount of GP.

Taking part in various events

You can get GP by participating in various events with ease. eFootball 2024 will have different events ongoing throughout the season, and partaking in them will fetch fruitful rewards alongside GP. Completing team-based, online league, and in-game player events is straightforward in the title, so focus on those to earn GP without trouble.


Konami has significantly brought back life to the eFootball franchise with such eye-catching rewards. Players will be able to earn in-game currencies with ease to improve their gaming experience. GP is crucial for getting new player cards to build up the squad, and using these tips will earn you enough. For more tips and tricks, follow Sportskeeda.

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