Tips and tricks to make a strong team in EA Sports FC 2024 Mobile (Image via EA Sports)

Best tips and tricks to make a strong team in FC Mobile

EA Sports launched FC Mobile, the remodeled version of the FIFA football franchise, on September 26, 2023. Since its release, questions have been raised regarding the methods to build a successful team. The title provides various opportunities for players to acquire top-rated footballers through events and campaigns, which minimizes cost.

However, in-game purchases can guarantee legendary player cards. The EA Sports FC community has been yearning for tips and tricks to make a sturdy roster.


To that end, here are some prudent steps to help build a strong team in FC Mobile.

Prioritize chemistry, implement playstyles, and more tips to build a strong team in FC Mobile


Choosing a playstyle and a formation


The first step to building a strong team is to choose a playstyle that dovetails with the formation. FC Mobile offers multiple options in the formation and playstyle categories. That said, you must pick one that suits the structure of your squad.

For instance, Tiki-Taka and Wing-Play playstyles are efficient with 4-3-3 or 4-2-1-3 formations. Hence, you can boost your win rate by choosing the right combination that delivers on your requirements.

Signing high OVR players


FC Mobile features a wide range of players in its database. However, it's important to purchase suitable high-rated cards that can enhance your team’s chances of winning. Before investing, you must implement a tactical style and know the player positions. Once you have settled your tactical parameters, acquire players that thrive in this formation.

Moreover, assess the footballers’ attributes, work rate, and teamwork qualities, as investing in high OVR personnel who prefer your tactics can guarantee an effective link on the field. This trick can help you to get the maximum output from your squad.

Building team chemistry

High field communication and fluidity qualities are impactful tools to use in EA Sports FC 2024 Mobile. Higher chemistry or communication attributes of the players can significantly boost your team’s cohesion and effectiveness.

Therefore, you should prefer players associated with the same league, club, or nation. With adequate chemistry, your tactics and player performances will flourish on the field and garner excellent results.


The tips and tricks discussed here can boost your team’s cohesion, impact, and fortitude in EA Sports FC 2024 Mobile. Following them can produce positive results for your journey in-game. Check out the best tips and tricks to earn more coins.

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