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Call of Duty: WZ Season 4 will officially begin on June 14 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 early patch notes: New map Vondel, LTM Lockdown, Resurgence and more

Call of Duty has revealed the Season 4 overview for Warzone 2. With this new season, the game is officially getting a rebrand, and from now on, it will be called Warzone. With a brand new map, a new limited-time mode, and exclusive new features, the upcoming season is bringing a lot of exciting content for fans. The Ranked play for the battle royale is also receiving a major reset and getting its first full series in Season 4.

Season 4 is introducing five brand new operators and two new weapons. If you are looking forward to seeing everything that's coming in the update, read on.


Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 is introducing a brand new map named Vondel

Everything you need to know about Season 04 of Call of Duty #Warzone and #MWII is here bit.ly/S04-Roadmap

New Warzone map Vondel with Resurgence and DMZ at launch
Six additional MP maps across various modes
New season of Warzone and MWII Ranked Play

This new season for the battle royale will see the introduction of a new map named Vondel. Compared to the other maps, it comes between Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. However, it's perfect for hosting both DMZ operations and Resurgence. Here are some of the POIs on the map, as revealed in the blog:

  • A medieval Castle dating back to Saxon times,
  • An abandoned Zoo,
  • A Greek Revival–style City Hall,
  • A soccer Stadium currently set up for an epic paintball tournament final.
  • Densely packed town houses
  • Small alleyway cafés

Call of Duty has also stated that a detailed overview of the new map will be published soon.

What is Lockdown mode in Warzone Season 4, and when does it start?

Season 4 Roadmap for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone includes the new Warzone map Vondel

A brand new limited-time mode named Lockdown is coming to WZ Season 4, and it will be launched with the update. The launch window for this limited-time mode ends on June 28. According to the blog, the mode is similar to Multiplayer's Hardpoint mode.

Players will be tasked with capturing and holding zones with their squads all over the map. This objective-based mode will also allow players to pick their custom loadouts at the beginning of a match.

All additional features in Warzone 2 Season 4: New vehicle, Reinforcement Flare, and more

Sandstorm will no longer be active in Al Mazrah when Season 4 launches. Downtown will have a new sandy makeover.

This new season is introducing a lot of additional features to the game. With the Sandstorm gone in Al Mazrah, players will be exploring several changes throughout the map. The new map Vondel is also bringing some new features, including vehicles and supply boxes. Here is all you need to know.

New Vehicle TAV

An amphibious vehicle named the TAV is the latest addition courtesy of the new map. This vehicle will help players navigate on both land and water.

Personal Supply Box

The fan-favorite "Personal Supply Box" from the previous iteration is also coming to Season 4 of Warzone. This supply box will contain your favorite custom loadouts. However, finding these supply boxes might prove difficult.

Reinforcement Flare

This brand new Field Upgrade can reinforce your squad to the match again, and can be purchased via the Buy Station. However, players won't be able to choose which teammate they want to reinforce.


Also, a new public event named High Stakes will be available during the matches in Vondel. The new map will also introduce another new transportation system named Taxicans on the Canals. This self-piloted vehicle will be crucial for navigating the Vondel map.

All new operators coming to Warzone Season 4

New operator coming in Season 4

Both the SpecGru and the KorTac sections are receiving operators with this new update. From the former FSB deep-cover agent to the daughter of the paramedics and Army reservists, there are all sorts of operators coming to Season 4. While the Call of Duty blog has revealed details regarding the two operators, Nikto and Ana Vega, the rest of the operators are yet to be revealed completely. Here is every new operator coming to WZ Season 4:

  • Nikto (Launch - Battle Pass)
  • Io (Launch - BlackCell)
  • Ana Vega (Launch Window - Bundle)
  • Izanami (In-Season - Bundle)
  • Butch (In-Season - Bundle)

All new weapons coming to Warzone Season 4

Four new weapons are coming with season 4

- Tempus Razorback (Assault Rifle — Launch, Battle Pass)
- ISO 45 (SMG — Launch, Battle Pass)
- Tonfa (Melee — Launch Window, Assault on Vondel Event Unlock)
- [REDACTED] Shotgun twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Call of Duty: Warzone's Season 4 is bringing four new weapons, including one assault rifle, one SMG, one Shotgun, and one melee weapon. Here is a list of all the weapons coming to Warzone Season 4:

  • Tempus Razorback (assault Rifle - Launch, Battle Pass)
  • ISO 45 (SMG - Laucnh, Battle Pass)
  • Tonfa (Melee — Launch Window, Assault on Vondel Event Unlock)
  • Shotgun (Redacted)

When does Warzone Season 4 start?

Call of Duty: Warzone's Season 4 will officially begin on June 14. You will be able to play the new season from 9 AM PT across all platforms. The Season 3 battle pass for the game expires on the same date. Hence players will now have less than a week to finish it if they have not completed it yet.

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