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An example of a mod that adjusts how a character looks (Image via Epiphany)

Can Genshin Impact mods get you banned? Official guidelines and past instances

Genshin Impact mods are against the official terms of service and can get a player banned for using them. Note that it doesn't mean 100% of modders will get caught. Instead, players should remember they have a chance of losing their accounts should miHoYo detect them using Genshin Impact mods. More specifically, anything that counts as a "cheat" is undoubtedly against the rules.

Some players have been banned from using third-party software. FPS unlockers and other modifications do fall under that category. If one wishes to use mods in this game, their best bet is to do it in a private server so their main account stays intact.


Genshin Impact mods are technically against the rules and could get you banned

An old example of a ban message relevant to this topic (Image via @Sensoo)

The above screenshot is an old example of a player getting banned for the following reason:

"Use of external plug-ins and/or third-party software"

All Genshin Impact mods count as third-party software since miHoYo releases no first-party ones. For example, the official terms of service for this game state that players cannot:

"Develop, use or distribute any software, script code, plug-in unit, programs or applications that may cause an unfair competitive advantage."

While not all mods give "an unfair competitive advantage," note that any hacks that give you infinite Primogems or other similar cheats do count and can get you banned. Skin modifications are unlikely to get an account terminated, but remember that how miHoYo detects third-party software is always subject to change.


Note that popular programs like 3Dmigoto have gotten players banned in Honkai Star Rail for skin modifications. Honkai Star Rail is developed by the same company that makes Genshin Impact. Hence, the anti-cheat of the latter game can get updated to detect more third-party apps.

Modifications that players often claim work without them losing their accounts are those that typically don't directly modify game files. For instance, the YouTube video above shows a person who uses 3Dmigoto and claims nobody got banned for it in Genshin Impact.

One's mileage with losing access to their account will vary since miHoYo doesn't reveal data on how often players get caught.

How to avoid bans in Genshin Impact?

Most players don't want to lose their accounts (Image via HoYoverse)

The most foolproof way to avoid having your account terminated is not to have any questionable applications open while playing this game. Even something innocuous like a VPN could always potentially trigger a false ban. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

If a player gets their Genshin Impact banned, it's best to contact support to see what steps may be necessary to undo it (assuming it's possible). Remember, there is no guarantee that a ban can get undone. At that point, players would have to wait out the whole sentence.

It's fine to check out the latest mods, but be careful about using them in the game since doing so is technically against the terms of service. Try to avoid anything that would unquestionably count as "an unfair advantage," especially since such files might actually be malware, depending on the site where you get them.

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