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Can you play Payday 3 offline with AI bots?

Players have raised concerns regarding Payday 3's offline availability following its official release on September 21, 2023. Unfortunately, Payday 3 lacks an offline gameplay option, like many multiplayer games. A constant internet connection is required for a smooth experience; without it, accessing even the game's main menu is impossible.

This article goes into further detail about the offline capabilities of Payday 3. The objective here is to clear up any misconceptions among players and ensure they have the necessary knowledge.


This way, gamers won't invest their precious time and effort attempting to play the game offline.

Exploring Payday 3 offline accessibility


Payday 3, a first-person shooter, has established the foundation for an enhanced co-op gaming experience that outperforms its critically praised predecessor. In this immersive world of criminal settings, you face AI opponents whose behaviors vary depending on the difficulty level selected. However, one ongoing question that arises among gamers is whether Payday 3 offline is available.


To put it simply, Payday 3 requires a constant internet connection to play. All the matches are linked with the servers, making offline play impossible. Attempting to run the game without an online connection will result in a slew of error messages, thus rendering the title inaccessible.

Thus, Payday 3's thrilling co-op adventures rely on a stable internet connection. This ensures uninterrupted engagements with dynamic AI foes, underlining that internet access is a crucial requirement for gamers looking to enter into this thrilling world of high-stakes heists.

While Payday 3 offline is unavailable, solo gamers may enjoy a more regulated and challenging gameplay experience. The game supports solos by queuing you up with AI teammates, removing the need for random players. However, it is important to highlight that the game's foundation does not include a completely exclusive single-player option.

You can tweak the matching settings to your preferences before embarking on your solo journey. Select the Invite Only option to enter missions with AI bot teammates, providing a controlled yet thrilling gameplay experience.


Prioritise stealth for a great solo gameplay experience. Avoid setting off alarms or alerting guards since this will make your mission considerably more difficult and frustrating. Take your time, devise a meticulously planned strategy, and overcome each obstacle furtively. This approach guarantees maximum enjoyment and an effective adrenaline-fueled solo experience.

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