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Clash of Clans' upcoming December pass explored (Image via Supercell)

Clash of Clans December Gold Pass 2023: Start date, time, leaks, and more

Clash of Clans enthusiasts often look forward to the annual December update, usually based on the Christmas festival. This year, it is expected to introduce the most-awaited Town Hall 16 along with a new Gold Pass.

Supercell has already hinted at this big release in its various teasers and the ongoing Hammer Jam event. Moreover, the developer couldn't help but give numerous easter eggs about this update in its recent live stream and these teasers.


Although no official announcement has been made so far, many Clash of Clans content creators have speculated and tried to unveil the upcoming update's features. This article will discuss some of these based on the recent easter eggs and the previous release pattern of Supercell.

The upcoming Clash of Clans December Gold Pass may include a new hero skin, scenery, and more


As seen previously, Clash of Clans has introduced a new hero skin in almost every new Gold Pass season, and the upcoming one may not be an exception. Listed below are the recent releases of COC hero skin in 2023:

  • Ghost Champion was released in the previous Gold Pass reward track.
  • Ghost Warden was released in a special Clash-O-Ween offer this October.
  • New Ghost Queen was offered in a recent Mashup Madness event.
  • Ghost King was introduced in a special Clash-O-Ween offer this October.
  • New Champions' Champion is available in the current Gold Pass reward track.

Scrutinizing these past releases, many COC veterans have predicted the upcoming hero skin in the December Gold Pass could be a Warden skin. Moreover, considering the update is coming this winter, the hero skin could also be themed around the season.

Also, many COC enthusiasts have guessed that the forthcoming update can introduce new scenery in its Gold Pass reward track, as it's been a long time since Supercell has released one.

There is a great chance Supercell will release the new Town Hall with its December update, and many COC professionals like Judo Sloth upheld this idea.


The developer is seen to have released the new Town Halls near the Hammer Jam events, and all the easter eggs and leaks hint at the possibility of the new Town Hall 16 being released in the December update.

When will Clash of Clans release the new Gold Pass?

If we look back at the previous December update including the new Gold Passes, there is a good chance that the upcoming one will be released around the second week, probably between 10 and 15 December. However, since the developer hasn't released any information regarding this, we can't be certain of the release date.

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