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Steps to get Global Offensive badge in CS2 (Image via Valve and Sportskeeda)

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Global Offensive Badge: How to get, features, and more

After several months in its beta phase, Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has been officially launched by Valve. The best part is that like its predecessor, CS:GO, it's free on Steam. Since its launch, players have been booming into the servers to unlock their ranks and to learn more about the game mechanics and meta.

After its launch, veteran players have received a Global Offensive Badge and a Music kit from Valve as a token of gratitude. If you're wondering how to get this Global Offensive badge and display it on your profile, don't worry; we've got you covered. This following guide will help you to get the badge in case you missed it.


How to get the Global Offensive Badge in CS2

Global Offensive badge in CS2 (Image via Valve)

Badges and Service medals are the classic trinkets that make Counter-Strike unique from other FPS titles. Previously, in CS:GO, the devs have provided so many Badges to the community that they stopped counting.

After releasing the new title from the franchise, they commemorate the players with a CS:GO music kit and a Global Offensive badge. Players must have owned the previous title of the Counter-Strike in order to get that badge.


There are a few steps by which you can get the badge:

  1. If you are opening the game for the first time, then the badge and the music kit will appear as a pop-up on the menu.
  2. If you missed it, navigate the menu and click on the Inventory option.
  3. After entering the Inventory, you’ll find a golden Global Offensive badge. You can right-click on the badge, and you’ll get several options.
  4. You can select “Inspect” to see the badge in-game or display this item on your profile.

According to the description of the Global Offensive badge, it commemorates loyal membership of the CS:GO community before Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) goes live. A quote is also there which says, “Legends never die.” The badge is golden with a red-colored T emblem on one side and a blue-colored CT logo on the other.


Previously, Counter-Strike devs have introduced us to the five and ten-year Service Medal. Since it’s the end of an era, and they are releasing a whole new game with different mechanics, they are offering the CS:GO players this shiny badge. We hope that CS2 will keep releasing these kinds of medals and badges in the near future and keep the community engaged.

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