How to play in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Community Servers (Image via Polex/YouTube)

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2): How to join Community Servers

Counter-Strike 2 has changed how Community Servers function in the game compared to previous entries in the franchise. Instead of being hosted within the game, these servers are now on Steam. This means that when you log into CS2, you won't be able to browse through them. Hence, it’s not all that surprising why many in the community were confused about how they could join Community Servers now that CS:GO has been replaced by CS2.

Community servers have always been a core part of any Counter-Strike experience, especially because of the range of game modes they offer. There was much on offer, from Deathmatch to 1v1 arena to other practice modes.


While CS2 provides a way to join community servers, you cannot do it in the usual means. Today’s Counter-Strike 2 guide will go over all the steps you will need to take to join Community Servers in CS2.

How to play in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Community Servers

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As mentioned, the community servers are outside Counter-Strike 2 and can now be found on Steam. The client will have a list of all the live community servers; however, to boot them up, here are a few things that you will be required to do:

  • Search for the server that you want to join. It can have any game mode that you wish to play, including Deathmatch, FFA Deathmatch, Retakes, and more.
  • After selecting the server, you will need to copy the server's IP address. Then, make your way into Counter-Strike 2.
  • Once in the shooter, open the console command box by pressing “~.” If it does not open, you must go to the “Game” tab in settings and enable the console command.
  • Over there, you will need to paste the IP address that you have copied and press enter. The game will then start to load you into the server automatically.

However, if it is a custom map, you cannot join the game and get the following error prompt: “Map was not found.”

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Community servers often run custom Workshop maps, which the players themselves created. So, to log into them, you will need to first have the map downloaded and pasted into the required directory.

If you are having trouble playing on custom maps, follow the link to know more about how you can boot them up in Counter-Strike 2.

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