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Birds with Broken Wings is the 8th Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty mission. (Image via CDPR)

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Birds with Broken Wings walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty’s Birds with Broken Wings is an important part of the overall main story of this expansion. You have another chance to pick your side between Reed and Songbird. You’ll be setting up the next mission as well, where you go and take the place of Aurore and Aymeric as the netrunners. However, you cannot do that if you can’t track them. This mission is low on combat but high on drama.

You have a chance to learn more about Songbird during Birds with Broken Wings, and it may change your opinion on what you want to do during this Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty mission. However, this isn’t when you make your final choice - that’s coming up soon enough.


How to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Birds with Broken Wings


Mission objectives:

  • Wait a Day for a Call From Reed.
  • Go to Alex's Safehouse, Follow, Talk to Alex.
  • Access the Tracking Station Transceiver.
  • Talk to Songbird then Call Reed.
  • Access the Second Transceiver.
  • Go to Farida's Clinic.

1) Wait a Day for a Call from Reed

This part's easy. Wait, then have a chat with the two of them. (Image via CDPR)

This part of Cyberpunk 2077’s Birds with Broken Wings is incredibly simple. You just wait 24 hours whenever you’re ready to do so. Or you can keep playing through the game and complete some side gigs for Mr. Hands. Whenever you want to, just wait 24 hours, and then you’ll get a call saying to go to the safehouse.

2) Go to Alex’s Safehouse/Follow, Talk to Alex

You'll learn about what to do next, and get some awesome tech. (Image via CDPR)

After arriving, you’ll have a chat with both Solomon Reed and Alex about the plan to impersonate the twin netrunners for Birds with Broken Wings. The two will inform you of the plan, and then you’ll follow Alex for another talk.

She’ll give you what you need to get into the netrunner’s car when it’s time for that part of the Cyberpunk 2077 mission. This part’s easy enough, just listen, and leave the safehouse afterward.

3) Access the Tracking Station Transceiver

If you have double jump, getting on the scaffolding is cake. (Image via CDPR)

The next waypoint for Cyberpunk 2077’s Birds with Broken Wings is going to take you to Serenity Bible Church. There’s a scaffolding you can climb to get to the roof, but be ready - the Access Point is almost certainly going to be guarded. It’s only a few enemies though, so put them down, and access the point.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t going to be good enough for your purposes. Before you can get going too far, you’ll get a brief contact from Songbird. She wants to talk about some very important things.

4) Talk to Songbird then Call Reed

You can have this chat before or after the access point. (Image via CDPR)

It’s a long way to get to Song So Mi, so drive to the point where she requests to meet and chat with her. She’s going to give you more details about her life, and why she’s doing what she’s doing.

We won’t spoil the conversation, but it’s worth listening to. Afterward, you’ll be able to talk to Reed, and you have a chance to tell him what she told you - or you can decide not to. That’s entirely up to you.

5) Access the Second Transceiver

Sadly, you interrupt someone's BD time. (Image via CDPR)

It’s time to access the second transceiver for Cyberpunk 2077’s Birds with Broken Wings mission. This one’s in Santo Domingo, near the Megabuilding H4 Data Term. It’s easy to find, but the access point won’t be immediately obvious. You can do this one without combat, as well.

When you get to the transceiver, you’ll find it’s broken, and you’ll need to restart it. You can either head to the corner of the roof, and restart it, or talk to the kid on the roof and pay them to tell you where it is. Restart it, access it, and then get ready to go to Farida’s Clinic.

6) Go to Farida’s Clinic

It's time for another choice in Birds with Broken Wings. (Image via CDPR)

You’ll go to Farida’s clinic for the last part of Birds with Broken Wings. After you get the cyberware installed, you’ll have another talk with Reed. This Cyberpunk 2077 decision is very important. It’s not the last time you can choose between Solomon Reed and Songbird, though.

Regardless of whether you rat out Song So Mi, he’ll give you a device that can shut her down. Or so he hopes. The next mission will determine once and for all what path you’re on, but no matter which choice you make, there are two endings that await you.

At the end of this Cyberpunk 2077 mission, you’ll be ready for the next one, I’ve Seen That Face Before. It will lock you in, once and for all, to one of the expansion’s two final options. Depending on your actions throughout the expansion, you may also have an optional conversation with Alex about this mission at her bar.

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