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Talent Agency is one of Mr. Hands' side gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. (Image via CDPR)

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Talent Agency side gig walkthrough

During Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, one of Mr. Hands' optional side missions will be Talent Agency. You’ll be infiltrating a group who side children to lucrative sports contacts - but are evading their taxes. There is potentially sinister work at play here, but Mr. Hands only wants to make sure these people are paying their taxes to their governments. You can approach this via stealth or gunplay, and we’ll give you the route we took.

However, we will also briefly touch upon the other method if you’re interested. At the end of the mission, you’ll have to make a choice. It doesn’t have any real impact on the gameplay but is entirely based on your morals. Here’s what you need to know for Cyberpunk 2077’s Talent Agency side gig.


Cyberpunk 2077 Talent Agency side gig objectives and rewards


Mission objectives:

  • Meet with Hands' contact, Talk to Hands' contact.
  • Enter the Exhibition Hall.
  • Find Fiona's office, Talk to the Bartender (Optional).
  • Download the data, Talk to the kid (Optional).
  • Talk to Fiona, Download the Data, Leave the Center.

Mission rewards:

  • 8,000 Eddies
  • 1,575 EXP

1) Meet with Hands’ contact, Talk to Hands’ contact

The contact has the important information. (Image via CDPR)

After accepting the side gig from Mr. Hands in Cyberpunk 2077, head to the nearby construction site and chat with the contact. This begins the Talent Agency side gig. He’ll give you all the information you need to know about getting inside.


The rest is going to be up to you. There are two ways you can handle this mission - with stealth or with violence. I tried stealth several times, and that simply didn’t work for me.

2) Enter the Exhibition Hall

The bar might be tempting. It is one way through this mission. (Image via CDPR)

Getting into the building is simple. The woman behind the desk doesn’t tell you to get rid of any weapons and just recommends you go to the bar. If you say the wrong things to the bartender or the person next to you, you’ll get pulled away by security.

This is another way to get deeper into the building, but will also require violence. Either way, go inside and consider the next steps of Cyberpunk 2077’s Talent Agency side gig.

3) Find Fiona’s office, Talk to the Bartender (Optional)

This bartender can get you behind the security room if you want, but you'll still likely have to resort to violence. (Image via CDPR)

If you go to the bar, they’re going to try and trap you by talking too much. As the contact said, keep your discussion to a minimum. Honestly, it’s not worth it to go to the bar, if you ask me. You can, though.

If the bartender talks to you, ask for a drink, but then say you’re here to “work, not chat”. If you begin talking about the team, you’ll get caught by security. Saying you’re here to work makes the bartender suspicious, but then a distraction opens up.

If you have Technical Ability of at least 14, you can enter the “Personnel Only” area in the main area of the room you’re in - as shown in the image above. This will lead you right to Fionna, though it will take some walking.

If you have Technical Ability 14, getting in here's a cinch. (Image via CDPR)

Otherwise, you need to head to this door, turn around, and go into the left area (you’ll see a couch). For this part of the stealth mission, quickhack the shutters in the left corner of the room. Head through there and proceed.

Otherwise, you can just unload on all the guards, killing your way into the area. You can either just start shooting people to trigger the next part of Talent Agency or talk to the bartender and tell him that you’re here with the Shredders for this Cyberpunk 2077 side gig.

Since I had 14 Technical Ability, I was able to walk right in without doing any sneaking or quickhacking for this portion of Talent Agency. I did have to defeat a lot of guards, though.

Head northwest through this area and take the elevator into the next section, avoiding or killing anyone you come across. It won’t be hard to find Fiona’s office. It's not a large area, so it's easy to navigate the rooms until the waypoint becomes a line.


4) Download the data, Talk to the kid (Optional)

Sadly, you can't get the data yet. (Image via CDPR)

When you’re here in Fiona's office during this Cyberpunk 2077 mission, you’ll see a small child, and while you don’t have to talk to him, we did. Then, try to download the data.

It doesn’t quite work, and you’ll have to confront Fiona for the final part of Cyberpunk 2077’s Talent Agency side gig. She’ll ask you to make a choice that, while not especially important, does leave the ball in your hands.

5) Talk to Fiona, Download the Data, Leave the Center

You choose how this Cyberpunk 2077 mission plays out. (Image via CDPR)

Mr. Hands’ instructions were to download the data and make sure this problem was solved. Fiona wants a controlled leak so that she can protect some of her clients. She tries to play on your emotions with a “think of the children” line.

However, you might find yourselves repulsed by how they are using children in this Talent Agency side gig. I certainly was and stood my ground, demanding the data. If anyone shows up, they’re easily taken down.

Complete Talent Agency however you see fit, and leave the center. You’ll receive a call of thanks from Mr. Hands for a job well done. You will receive your rewards and then proceed with whatever tasks you wish to do in the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty expansion.

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