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The Excavation XII Lost Sector in Destiny 2 is filled with Cabal Enemies (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2: Excavation XII Legend and Master Lost Sector guide

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 are hidden areas in the game. These areas contain a few enemies and bosses that guard a chest at the end of these areas. To unlock the chest, Guardians need to defeat the bosses to acquire the cache code that can then be used to unlock this chest.

There are three different versions of this activity. The first version is the regular Lost Sector. Guardians can walk into these areas and defeat the boss to collect the chest. The loot offered for the regular version of this activity isn't that spectacular.


However, there are two other difficulty modes to this. The first is the Legend mode and the other is the Master mode. These two modes can be activated by interacting with the banner at these entrances.

While the regular mode of all the Lost Sectors can be accessed at any time, the Legend and Master variants rotate daily. A Legend and Master variant of a different Lost Sector is available every day after the daily reset in Destiny 2.

Interestingly enough, the Legend and Master Lost Sectors have a chance of dropping a piece of Exotic Armor for every successful completion.


Destiny 2 Excavation XII Lost Sector location


The Excavation XII Lost Sector is located on the EDZ in Destiny 2. To get to this place, Guardians must head to the EDZ from the Director in the game. However, this site can be accessed from any of the landing zones on EDZ. However, this area is close to the Firebase Hades area, so the easiest way to get to it would be by landing at The Gulch in Destiny 2.

This area is an excellent place to start if Guardians need to farm Cabal kills. That said, the Legend and Master Lost Sector can be accessed from the very entrance. There should be a banner at the entrance of the area. Guardians can interact with this banner and set the difficulty on which they want to play the activity.

These difficulty modes have their activity modifiers. Activity modifiers include shielded enemies and certain debuffs that are applied to players. These modifiers make the activity more challenging at higher difficulty levels.


Excavation XII Lost Sector Activity modifiers

For this particular lost sector, these are the activity modifiers that Guardians will find:

  • Attrition: Health regeneration is impaired. Defeating enemies has a chance of dropping wells of light that fully restore health.
  • Champions: Guardians will face different champions. For this Lost Sector in Destiny 2, Guardians will face barriers and Unstoppable Champions. To break their shield, Anti-Barrier and Unstoppable mods need to be equipped.
  • Scorched Earth: Enemies throw more grenades.
  • Match Game: Shielded enemies take low to absolutely no damage if they're attacked with energy weapons that don't match the energy of their shield. In short, only arc weapons can be used to damage arc shields. The same goes for all the other subclasses in Destiny 2.
  • Locked Equipment: Guardians cannot change their equipment once the activity has started.
  • Limited Revives: Guardians can die very few times. If they exceed the number of permitted revives, the activity ends. More can be earned by defeating champions.

While these are the modifiers for the Legend mode of the Excavation XII Lost Sector, the Master mode has these same modifiers but a higher number of champions.

Moreover, Guardians will come face-to-face with Unstoppable Champions and Barrier Champions. Without the appropriate weapon mods, it's tough to defeat these champions.

Finally, there's just one enemy with an Arc shield in this area, so an Arc-based energy weapon is required. Guardians will also take and deal +50% Solar Damage in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Excavation XII Lost Sector guide


This is a relatively short Lost Sector in the game. The first cave has a few red bar enemies and an unstoppable champion. The main goal is to defeat this Unstoppable Champion before focusing on the remaining enemies.

Guardians can either shower this enemy with bullets or stun the champion and use their Power Weapon to take it out. Once this champion is defeated, Guardians can use the yellow canister to trigger an explosion to defeat most of the red bar enemies.

Once this area is cleared, Cabal shields will lift, and Guardians can access a new and larger area. There are four champions here, out of which two are Unstoppable Champions, and the remaining are Barrier Champions. One Barrier Champion and one Unstoppable Champion will be on the bridge, while the other two will be with the boss.


Before the bridge, Guardians can shoot at a Barrier Champion close to the boss from the first cave. This boss can be defeated without much difficulty. However, Guardians need to keep an eye out for the barrier.

If the Barrier Champion triggers the barrier, which it does, after taking some damage, Guardians won't be able to damage it until the barrier comes down. While the barrier is up, the champion regenerates health as well. A weapon with an Anti Barrier mod can be used to break this barrier and stun the enemy. It can then be taken out with a Power Weapon.

With this champion out of the way, Guardians can then focus on the two champions on the bridge. After defeating those two champions, Guardians must defeat yet another Unstoppable Champion before finally defeating the boss. After they've been defeated, the cache at the end of the Lost Sector can be looted in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Excavation XII Lost Sector rewards


Clearing this Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty with just a single member Fireteam will reward Guardians with an Exotic Armor piece. While these drops are rare, Guardians might have to run this Lost Sector a few times before receiving an Exotic Armor piece based on the Class they're running.

Today's Lost Sector reward consists of Exotic Leg Armor for all three classes. Before attempting to complete this Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty in Destiny 2, Guardians must complete the regular version of the Lost Sector.

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