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  • Destiny 2 weekly reset (March 21 to 28): Iron Banner, Momentum Control, Arms Dealer Nightfall, and more 
Iron Banner logo (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 weekly reset (March 21 to 28): Iron Banner, Momentum Control, Arms Dealer Nightfall, and more 

It is almost time for Destiny 2 Season of Defiance to enter its fourth weekly reset and receive new seasonal challenges, activities, as well as pinnacle sources. With the entire sandbox slowly shifting gear to a more challenging level, players should be ready with pinnacle caps and artifact bonuses. The upcoming reset will help everyone with that in a lot of ways.

To summarize everything players can expect, the Iron Banner will return for the first time in Season of Defiance, alongside Momentum Control in the Crucible playlist. In terms of PvE, Arms Dealer Strike has been added to the Nightfall pool with some twists and will feature the bonus Vanguard ranks. This article lists every upcoming content scheduled with the fourth weekly reset of Destiny 2 Season of Defiance.


All upcoming content in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance week 4 (March 21 to 28)

1) Iron Banner

Iron Banner armor set in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

The Iron Banner will be featured as a pinnacle activity next week, allowing everyone to grind for high-level armor pieces through a traditional Control game mode. While earning pinnacles isn't tied to bounties anymore, following a particular subclass according to the given challenge will grant progress for pinnacle gear drops.


With the departure of Razor's Edge Sword and Frontier's Cry Hand Cannon, players will see Jorum's Claw Solar Pulse Rifle as well as Bite of the Fox Kinetic Sniper Rifle. Additionally, the aforementioned gear can only be focused when players have them unlocked within their Collections.

Lastly, the Iron Lord seal will be available for pickup and gilding, as players need to defeat enemies, accumulate a lot of reputation, and win matches. Typically, having a total of eight Iron Banner gears equipped alongside an emblem will provide a reputation gain multiplier of 11x.

2) Momentum Control

Momentum Control game mode in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Momentum Control is one of the best PvP game modes for players looking to finish a catalyst, level up their weapons, or anything related to calibrations in general. It amplifies the outgoing damage caused by Guardian's weapon damage, allowing significantly quicker kills.

Each match in Momentum Control goes on for eight minutes, with the first team accumulating a total of 200 points before the timer runs out to winning the game. Completing three Momentum Control matches at the start of the upcoming weekly reset will drop a pinnacle gear for every character.

3) The Arms Dealer Nightfall

The Arms Dealer Strike location, The Sunken Isles (Image via Bungie)

The Arms Dealer Strike has some notable changes from its Red War variant. Players won't be hearing Suraya Hawthorne and Cayde-6 in the comms anymore; it won't gamers to take advantage of the famous Bracus Zahn damage phase exploit. Instead, the entire mission has been taken over by Shadow Legions, with new locations, objectives, and characters.

Since Shadow Legions fall very much under the Cabal category, Champions should include Unstoppables and Barriers.

4) Bonus Vanguard ranks

Zavala's reputation in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Accumulating activity streaks by running The Arms Dealer Nightfall back-to-back will help players in gaining Zavala's reputation in the upcoming week. Doing this will also drop an Ascendant Shard for first-timers, alongside both the ritual weapon and its ornament after two resets.

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