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The latest upgrade SBC is now live (Images via EA Sports)

EA FC 24 83+ Upgrade SBC: How to complete, expected costs, and more

With the Road to the Knockouts promo being well underway in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has released the best upgrade pack so far with the 83+ Upgrade SBC. This pack is repeatable once per day and will be available in the game for the next four days, lasting throughout the entirety of the RTTK event and providing gamers with some exciting packs.

The RTTK event has introduced some of the most overpowered and expensive cards in the game, giving fans plenty to grind for over the course of the week.


Not only have the players received a massive boost to begin with, but they can also receive future upgrades based on their team's performances in UEFA tournaments, further adding to their value in EA FC 24.

The 83+ Upgrade SBC is now live in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team


With players like Erling Haaland, Bruno Fernandes, and Victor Osimhen being part of the official RTTK roster, gamers are always looking to obtain as many packs as possible to try and obtain these players. The latest 83+ Upgrade SBC provides fans with a good chance at getting one of these elusive items, making it among the most exciting SBCs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

This is an excellent SBC for getting more packs and also serves as an outlet for possible duplicate items that gamers might have from all the untradeable packs available in the Season and Milestone objectives.


How to complete the 83+ Upgrade SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Like most Upgrade SBCs, this one consists of a single squad with a specific set of stipulations. These are the requirements of the SBC:

  • Team overall rating: Minimum 82
  • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11

The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 7,000 coins, which is to be expected considering the extremely low price of most gold fodder cards in the current state of the transfer market.

Most players under an overall rating of 84 go for almost discard price, making these SBCs really affordable and easy to complete.

Is it worth completing the 83+ Upgrade SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?


This SBC is perfect for fans looking to get their hands on some cheap and easy packs to test their luck at trying to obtain one of the brilliant RTTK cards.

As mentioned previously, the SBC also serves as an excellent outlet for duplicate items that gamers might get from untradeable packs, as it can be completed once per day over the course of the next 4 days.

Fans can further use the 78+ Upgrade SBC to grind more packs and craft this pack from scratch without having to spend any liquid assets at all.

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