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The upcoming RTTK promo will feature some of the biggest names from European football (Image via EA Sports)

EA FC 24 Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) promo release date and time across all regions confirmed

The Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) promo is all set to become the first special event of EA FC 24 following the game's global launch on September 29. EA Sports has already confirmed the first special theme for Ultimate Team earlier, and players will be able to open packs in the hope of finding unique cards.

Unlike FIFA 23, EA FC 24 has already had one promo in the form of Nike MadReady during the ongoing early access. While it has introduced new cards and a live objective set, it's not available to Standard Edition owners. They are unlikely to complete the objectives as the conditions required can mostly be met by owning the Ultimate Edition.


However, there are no such issues with the upcoming Road to the Knockouts promo, which will be available for everyone. Here's a look at all the official information that's available for the players as of this moment.

EA FC 24 Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) promo release date

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The first promo coming after EA FC 24's full release will take place on the same night. It will be available from September 29 on the Ultimate Team game mode, and it's going to be a UEFA-themed promo. RTTK will feature cards from all three tiers of European club competitions.


Unless EA Sports makes any radical change to the promo, all cards will have the potential to upgrade their stats and overall rating. This upgrade will depend on certain conditions, like winning matches and proceeding to the knockout stage. Notably, this promo has been a regular feature of the previous releases, but EA Sports has decided to release it much earlier.

EA FC 24 Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) promo release time

New content in the FIFA games has always been added at 6 pm UK time, and EA FC 24 is following the same pattern. The Nike MadReady promo and all new SBCs have been released at the same time over the last few days. There's no hint of a change coming any time soon, so players will have to wait till 6 pm UK time once again.

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Those in the United States can find the RTTK promo cards starting at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, while Indian players will need to wait till 10:30 pm IST. Players located in other parts of the world can find out the time of release by calculating the differences between UK time and their respective time zones.

So far, EA Sports has yet to drop any hint about which cards are going to be added to the promo. Historically, the RTTK promo has featured some popular footballers like Lionel Messi in the past, and it could once again include some big names.

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