Players are able to explore the new Sea Forts introduced in Season 6 (Image via Sea of Thieves)

Every Sea Fort location in Sea of Thieves

Players of Sea of Thieves are in for some fine new additions to the game for the newly released Season 6. Inside of this new season, players were introduced to Sea Forts, which are sea-based locations similar to Forts that players can plunder for loot.

There are six new Sea Forts added to Sea of Thieves for the update, and here is where players can locate them.


Every Sea Fort location players can find in Sea of Thieves

Players can gain some valuable loot from plundering these Sea Forts, but they should avoid getting plundered themselves during their adventures.


How do Sea Forts work?

Sea Forts are an encounter that can be started at any time, similar to Siren Shrines. This means that as long as they have not been completed recently, they are up for grabs and plundering.

Players should be aware that they do reset every few minutes as long as there are no players in range, so if one has recently been completed, just come back in a little while.

Where can Sea of Thieves players find the new Sea Forts?

Players are able to loot all 6 of the new Sea Forts for high quality loot (Image via Sea of Thieves)

With the new Season 6 update, players can venture into any of the six new Sea Forts. These are located all over the world and can be accessed by crews at their leisure, provided they can find them on the map.

The following list includes the names in alphabetical order, location, and coordinates of all the new Sea Forts, to make it easier for players to locate these new areas.

  • Ancient Gold Fortress: The Ancient Gold Fortress can be found at map coordinates F19, just on the top-left corner of F20. Players should head west from Shark Bait Cove to reach this location.
  • Imperial Crown Fortress: Located at map coordinates B11, players who want to reach this location should head west of Sea Dog's Rest.
  • Mercy's End Fortress: Heading north from Ancient Spire Outpost, players will run into Mercy's End Fortress, located inside map coordinates P14.
  • Old Brinestone Fortress: Inside map coordinates K21 lies the Old Brinestone Fortress. Players should head southeast from Thieves Haven to locate this Sea Fort.
  • Royal Crest Fortress: East of Lone Cove lies Royal Crest Fortress, at map coordinates of J6. Another nearby landmark is the Kraken Watchtower, which lies to the east.
  • Traitor's Fate Fortress: This Sea Fort is located in the most northeastern portion of the map. Its map coordinates are S6, and players can reach it by sailing northeast from Galleon's Grave Outpost.


What are players able to do at a Sea Fort?

Players who arrive at a Sea Fort can face off against waves of enemies in a PvE style battle until they defeat the Captain, who will drop a special Fortress Treasury Key. This key will allow players to access the Sea Fort's treasury, which contains a lot of loot for the victorious players.

There are also a lot of interactable items, such as drawers and cabinets, which can contain even more valuables.

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