Another FGS challenge is now live in the game (images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 FGS Challenge 8 SBC - How to complete, estimated costs, and more

The FGS Challenge 8 SBC brings yet another opportunity for FIFA 23 players to earn some valuable resources that could be incredibly helpful in improving their squad. Black Friday might be over, but EA Sports has routinely been releasing common challenges to offer some exciting rewards to players. While the potential rewards might not be as valuable as other SBCs, the FGS challenges are easy to complete.

Resource-item SBCs refer to those challenges that don't offer any special player items. Instead, they tend to provide valuable resources that mainly tend to be player packs and position modifiers, among other items. These challenges allow players to use the fodder they have and recycle it for a chance at getting something better.


Let's look at what tasks individuals must undertake if they want to complete the FGS Challenge 8 SBC. This will allow FIFA 23 players to calculate the number of coins they might have to spend to complete the task. While the final rewards aren't guaranteed to contain a specific card, players can still assess the utility of the SBC.

The FGS Challenge 8 SBC is a continuation of the FIFA 23 pro-scene, which started in October

Resource items are often simpler to complete as they contain fewer tasks. The conditions of these tasks also tend to be more uncomplicated and cost less than player-item SBCs. The FGS Challenge 8 SBC has only one task, and it will have to be completed as per the given conditions. Let's look at the criteria that EA Sports provided to complete the challenge.


Task 1 - FGS Challenge 8 SBC

  • Clubs: Min 2
  • Same League Count: Max 5
  • Rare: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 75
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 23
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

As it's pretty straightforward, tackling the FGS Challenge 8 SBC is not a very difficult task. Moreover, players can complete the challenge at a minimal cost, as only one Gold Rare card is required.

To complete the FGS Challenge 8 SBC, FIFA 23 players will need about 4,000 FUT coins. However, it can quickly be completed at practically no cost, as players will likely have the fodder it requires. The more fodder players use from their collection, the lower the completion cost.


FIFA 23 players can easily take a patient approach with the SBC. There are three days left, and individuals can use their Division Rival rewards that go out tomorrow. This will likely provide each player with the necessary fodder to allow them to complete the live challenge at virtually no cost. Given the current content, players can get some truly valuable items that might not be available once Season 2 is over.

Upon completion, FIFA 23 players will get one Prime Electrum Players Pack. Given the current content in the game, it's best to open as many packs as possible. The Prime Electrum Players Pack has some decent odds when it comes to providing rewards to gamers. Given the cheap cost, the SBC is a must-do for every player, irrespective of whether they're beginners or veterans.

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