A new card from the upcoming promo has been leaked online (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

FIFA 23 Future Stars leak hints at Phillipe Coutinho Moments card coming as swaps rewards

A Player Moments card for Brazilian star Philippe Coutinho is slated to arrive as part of the FIFA 23 Future Stars promo's swap rewards if the latest rumors are to be believed. The information comes from reliable leaker FUT Sheriff, who shared leaked details of the card on social media.

There have been strong rumors about what's coming next to Ultimate Team as the TOTY promo continues. Many special cards have been introduced through in-game packs, and some of these items are quite powerful.

Coutinho is added to come as rewards in Future Stars Swaps

Stats are prediction ✍🏻

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FIFA 23 players can also complete various challenges and objectives to earn fantastic items for their teams. The TOTY promo features special cards of the best footballers from 2022 and legends who would have been on par with current players in terms of performance.

The scenery will change with the next promo, which specifically deals with the superstars of tomorrow. The Future Stars promo will be a returning event, having previously appeared in FIFA 22. Last year, it introduced special cards of footballers who have achieved a lot at a young age.

@FutSheriff @Criminal__x 30 year old in a promo for under 23s lol

Coutinho's Players Moments card may not have been expected by many players. After all, the Brazilian is almost 30, and the Future Stars promo mostly deals with U-23 stars, if EA Sports follows the same trend in FIFA 23.


It's quite likely that the special card of the Brazilian will be a highlight moment from his younger days. This assumption seems quite likely given the nature of the Player Moments cards. These cards also highlight special moments from a respective footballer's career. Coutinho's list of potential moments is quite long, as he was a sought-after player at Inter and Liverpool.

FIFA 23 players can expect Coutinho's Future Stars Moments card to be moderately priced

In FIFA 22, the Future Stars promo included a swap program that allowed players to earn more rewards. In exchange for tokens, players could unlock various rewards, including special cards.

Breaking! Future Stars Token Pack has been added to the code

• Team 1 is coming on Feb 3rd
• Swaps Token System Confirmed

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While official details have not been released, it seems that a similar program will be available in FIFA 23. Coutinho's Moments card will be an interesting addition, but much will depend on its stats. So far, none of the cards coming to the promo have been leaked, but more information is expected in the next few days.

Rumors suggest that two teams of cards will be released, containing highly useful cards. Players will also want to know what kind of rewards will be available in exchange for the tokens. While the TOTY items will expire soon from Ultimate Team, there's plenty of upcoming content to look forward to.

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