TOTY challenge 1 SBC is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 TOTY Challenge 1 SBC: How to complete, expected costs, and more

Team of the Year is in full swing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and with the biggest promo of the year reaching its conclusion, EA Sports has begun releasing tokens for Future Stars Swaps. Recent leaks revealed that Future Stars would be the next event in FUT, and with the release of these tokens, EA Sports has confirmed these rumors.


With the TOTY event concluding, the hype surrounding the next promo has increased. Players are eager to see what cards are released during the event, and with the latest Swaps system offering enticing untradeable rewards, they will be looking to start their grind for these items, beginning with the TOTY Challenge 1 SBC.

TOTY Challenge 1 is first SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to offer Future Stars Swaps token

EA Sports has added a host of special cards to packs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, including the entire Team of the Year roster, TOTY Icons, and TOTY Honorable Mentions. With so many special cards in packs, gamers will be looking to open as many packs as possible to obtain one of these elusive special cards. Additionally, SBCs like the TOTY Challenge 1 are ideal for this purpose.

The SBC allows fans to unlock tradeable packs in exchange for low-rated fodder cards. Not only are these SBCs an outlet for duplicate gold cards, but they are cheap to complete and offer worthwhile pack rewards.


How to complete TOTY Challenge 1 SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

The SBC comprises a single squad that must be submitted for completion. While the stipulations mentioned in the SBC might seem complicated and detailed, they are simplistic and inexpensive. These are the requirements:

  • Nationalities: Minimum three
  • Players from the same league: Maximum five
  • Rare players: Minimum one
  • Squad rating: Minimum 75
  • Overall team chemistry: Minimum 22

The overall cost of completing this SBC is around 5,000 FUT Coins, which is low considering the cost of fodder cards in the FIFA 23 transfer market.

Is it worth completing the TOTY Challenge 1 SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

TOTY Challenge 1 is the first SBC in the game that offers a Future Stars Swaps token. While the promo is yet to begin, EA Sports has already released three tokens in FUT, with the first being free and the second available in the store.

The Swaps system has returned after its success during the World Cup and the Winter Wildcards promo and consists of some enticing packs and player-based rewards. With so many options up for grabs, players will look to obtain as many tokens as possible, making the TOTY Challenge 1 SBC a must-do for all FUT enthusiasts.

The SBC also offers a tradeable Prime Electrum Players Pack. With a wide gallery of special cards available in Ultimate Team during the Team of the Year promo, tradeable packs are worth their weight in gold. Players might be able to obtain these special items and sell them in the transfer market or add them to their FUT squad to use in Division Rivals and FUT Champions.

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