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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team 85+ x3 Attackers Upgrade SBC: How to complete, estimated costs, and more

EA has launched the 85+ x3 Attackers Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team while the TOTY promotion is still active, giving players another chance to pack a unique card. The special Squad Building Challenge will be valid for four more days and has limited repeatability, allowing players to upgrade their FUT squads with some highly-rated attackers.

What sets this SBC apart is that the rewards include players in attacking positions such as LW, RW, CF, and ST cards, making it lucrative for players seeking a new forward line for their squads.

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Here's a quick guide to completing the 85+ x3 Attackers Upgrade SBC and a cost analysis to see if it is worth grinding.

x3 85+ Attackers Upgrade is an expensive SBC to grind in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The TOTY promo has sent many players scrambling for packs because of the boosted cards in the series. The promo is highly sought-after, considering how good some of the stats are on the cards. This iteration of the Attackers Upgrade guarantees cards with high overalls, giving FIFA 23 players a chance to acquire TOTY cards with some grinding.


The requirements to complete the SBC may be daunting for some. Here are all the rules players need to keep in mind while building their squads:

  • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11
  • Squad rating: Minimum of 85
  • TOTW players with IF upgrades in the squad: Minimum of 2
  • Players with a minimum overall rating of 87: Minimum of 2

Rewards: 83+ x3 Attackers pack (LW, RW, CF, ST) (Untradeable)

Estimated cost: 75,000 - 85,000 FUT Coins across platforms


SBC analysis

The restrictions for the Squad Building Challenge might not look like a lot, but building a squad that meets all the requirements will be quite expensive for many FIFA 23 players. With fodder inflation driving up the prices, the x3 85+ Attackers Upgrade also requires a highly-rated team to complete with TOTW cards, driving up the price.

Players with high-value fodder may try to mitigate the price, but the cards with in-form upgrades will undoubtedly be one of the most expensive in the squad. Considering the requirements, the squad also needs a minimum of two cards with an overall rating of 87.

However, the overall squad rating of 85 is quite high, making the challenge a pricey one.


As for the rewards, the TOTY cards and the Team of the Year ICON cards are active in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Packing a unique card such as Messi, Mbappe, or Ronaldinho will be a major boost for any player's squad. Of course, rewards are not guaranteed from the ongoing promo, adding a layer of RNG to the mix.

That said, the x3 85+ Attackers promo is currently an expensive affair, making it hard for many FIFA 23 players to grind.

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